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Happy event from 2008?

Asked by Snoopy (5793points) December 31st, 2008

Please share something that happened to you that you are grateful for, remember fondly, etc.

Major or minor

NO Politics please!

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Lithium and Welbutrin and Lamictal.

I am truly grateful for the moments of personal peace they have afforded me this past year.

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I’m going to be the Debbie Downer on this one(sorry) but 2008 happened to be the worst year ever for me. Here’s to a fresh new start takes sip from a Steinlager Happy New Year Everyone!

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A new job and a new place to live. I feel quite lucky to have remained untouched by the current economic crisis.

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My best friend since 7nth grade won a trip to the Bahamas in June and he took me. We stayed at The Cove hotel on Atlantis and it was the best time that I have ever had. Chartered plane, spending money, open bar, free gourmet breakfast everyday, amazing waterpark, etc. I will go again.

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Oh, yeah…I forgot!


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I was chased by a swan at the lake near my house… I’m not exactly grateful for it, but I’m shore it provided plenty of amusement for those watching.

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@melonking. Yikes! Those things are huge. Sorry I missed out!

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I accidently lit a bush on fire on July 4th….just like I did when I was 7. With one of those little turtles that you light up and they’re on wheels lol. Good times, good times.

@melonking: Sure*

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Getting into college, my amazing old friends, the new friends I’ve made, an incredible summer program I was able to participate in, and the projects I was lucky enough to be a part of this year. And of course, my babies in the daycare.

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Repeating myself; April 19, Milo was delivered to my door.

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Going to college has been nice class-wise…people-wise? no.

I met my bf this year and I’m very grateful for having him in my life. He brings me much happiness.

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I lost 45 pounds while simultaneously completing a professional program in baking and pastry. Both are awesome acheivements for me.

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@Megan: given that you were working with pastry and you lost 45 pounds is amazing!

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That’s easy! The birth of my first Grandson in August.

I also left a dead end job and got a much better one.

Even tho it has taken a very long time to heal, I had my knee repaired and this winter is much less painful than the last one.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good year for me.

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I started playing racquetball every day. We elected a great president.

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The birth of grandchild number 8.

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Well there was the time when…no, not that.

And then there was…um, nope.

Ooh, I know. That day when…hmmm, not that either.

Hmm, ya know what? Whole year pretty much sucked – and blew.

@jonsblond: pass the steinlager

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Any time cprevite… Happy Happy Happy!!!

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@Astrochuck: Yet, you look so young!

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February 14th, 1st grandchild (step) was born. :)
February 15th, learned he had a very serious heart defect. :(
February 20th, he had open heart surgery and came through like a champ! :)

That little boy, born on Valentines Day with a broken heart, has brought so much joy to all of our hearts. I love that little booger!

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One day, I hope to be grateful for something I actually did, instead of merely being grateful to still be alive. It would be nice to actually be able to do something useful with this gift.

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I had a dream I was riding on the crest of a wave.

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I made my first short documentary and loved every minute of it.

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I can’t think of of blessed thing.

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Beautiful daloon and I second that loser!

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Discovering Fluther is right up there.

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My Fluther friends, IRL friends, academic/personal progress, lots and lots of Chipotle.

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I woke up….EVERY MORNING…WooHoo!!
That was my resolution for 2008 and I think I’ll try it again for 2009.

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“The Little Boy, Born on Valentines Day, with a Broken Heart”

THAT, augustlan, should be a childrens book.

I feel good just hearing that story

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News of first grandchild on the way. Getting along better and better with my husband – after only 34 years! (“Will you still need me, will you still feed me – when I’m 64!)

Another year of pretty darn good health.

I know you said no politics but I gotta say it – the best thing about 2008 was the election of Barack Obama for so many reasons!

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I got the job of my dreams. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay very well. :/

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(Loser sent me my very own Dr. J holding a little birthday cake, candles and all. I could ask for nothing better.)

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@janbb At least you are in good company! ^^^^^^ Grrrrr.


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Hmmm. I guess I had a quiet year. I can’t think of anything horrible that happened or anything great that happened. I guess the best is that my relationship is strong, my family is healthy, my job is going well, and my home somewhere that I love to be. Kinda boring, I know. Sorry.

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@syz: That may be the best kind of year ever :)

@cprevite: I can’t take credit for that line…The Washingtonian Magazine did a story on his heart surgeon, featuring a picture of the doc holding my grandson. It was the writer who said ’...born on Valentines Day with a broken heart…’, and I stole it shamelessly!

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and starting college, kissing boys, meeting four of my best friends, the post-election party in the streets of NYC… it was a crazy, crazy year.

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…and don’t forget basking in the glory that is AstroChuck.

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@AstroChuck: I do that a good deal :D

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My least favorite holiday is the new year. I am so saddened because now, yet another year has gone by and I am getting older, and worst of all, people that I want to stay young are getting older. 2008 was a bad year for me, but there were some good parts.

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My second child being born healthy and watching my first child grow another year older were my most rewarding moments of the year.

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Discovering Geocaching – which got me out and hiking and feeling happy with myself,

Finishing my Advanced Degree in TESOL,

Fluther – which reminded me that I had a sense of humor,

My daughter, who made me mad and happy and sad and silly all at the same time.

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Seeing my daughter smile again :)

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My twins were born February 13, 2008. Best day of my life.

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I took a ten day trip to Mauii with my wife and most of our relatives. I always Love Hawaii, but with the family there it was so much fun. Playing with the nieces and nephews in the sand and the ocean was something I will never forget. There was also a huge number of whales around to see everyday, which made my wife smile like a kid, constantly. The whole trip was to celebrate her parents 40th anniversary, so we had fun with them too. The whole trip was amazing.

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…The day it ended.

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