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Regrets: 2008?

Asked by figbash (7468points) December 31st, 2008

Every year a local newspaper posts its annual list of things that went wrong in the year, and in the past, I’ve taken to doing the same. I find that as I think about what I want out of the new year, I like to think about all of the things I wish I hadn’t done. Do you have any?

A few of my regrets: 2008

* Trying the Mexican meatloaf
* A very strange trip to Portland
* Being too liberal with the benefit of the doubt
* At least 20 text messages
* Sending those pictures to _____, when it turns out there never was, in fact, a figure-drawing class
* Not traveling more
* Not realizing that referring to my BFF as my “non-sexual life partner” in public, probably prevented her from getting dates
* Multiple bursts of unrequited sentimentality
* At least 10 shoe purchases
* Getting busted snuggling with the neighbor’s cat
* Getting busted singing to the neighbor’s cat
* Not buying that Pre-WWII School Map
* Multiple snacks
* Not taking a great job offer in February
* Getting on a crowded bus with my dress unknowingly unbuttoned down to my navel
* Never figuring out who sent me a random pie in the mail
* The burger binge of October

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How odd, I don’t actually have any… maybe being a bit to lazy… and not going to fluther very much :O

Edit: Oh by the way, can you tell me more about that random pie.

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Not saying what i felt many times and always holding it in.

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@ Melon: In June, I received a key lime pie, sent overnight to me at work. There was no card, no explanation and the company that had sent it couldn’t track down the purchaser. I asked all of my friends, family and no one fessed up. This bears similarity to the now famous cake question, but my sender never came forward.

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Wow I wish I had a grate story like that, all I have is a swan that chases me…

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Not going to the gym more, I pay monthly to sit on my behind and play video games.
Not visiting my family in Florida.
My boyfriend losing his job because of the economy, so much for buying our own house, getting engaged or me going back to school.

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Phew…!

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Ahhh…singing to the neighbors cat.

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I dated a real loser in the beginning of ‘08. I consciously knew it was a bad relationship and DESPERATELY wanted to end it, but he had anger problems, so I didn’t end it until 6 months later. It should have ended sooner and I regret that.

Hm, I also wasted my entire senior year studying for 4 AP classes and basically just buried in the books. I also didn’t get to know anyone at my college so except for my roommate (also a recluse), I have no college friends. That’s another regret.

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Part of me desperately regrets leaving my perfect apartment, boyfriend, and job to go back to school.

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I regret bragging about my ‘impressive’ driving skills. Literally less than 20 minutes later, I rear-ended someone on the Beltway in DC, causing a chain reaction accident. Bonus Points: My van was less than two weeks old. It was in the shop for longer than I’d owned it! Double Bonus Points: I was driving my step-son to Children’s Hospital at the time, where his newborn son was undergoing open heart surgery. We arrived just in time for the surgeon to come out and tell us that everything went great, and he’d be fine, thank goodness!

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* Breaking my elbow
* My Sooners losing to Texas
* Breaking from the gym after trip to the Bahamas
* Not moving
* Got a speeding ticket
* Not winning the lotery

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Not going ahead with a promising relationship.
Not working harder at school.
Not exercising more.
Not keeping in touch with old friends.
Not paying closer attention to the needs of my family.

@Sooner: I’m not sure if you should regret not winning the lottery. Something tells me that’s out of your control (as is the Sooners loss).

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Yes, 2008.

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Regrets? I’ve had a few. But, then again, too few to mention.

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Not taking a vacation.

Not taking the SO on enough dates.

Yelling at someone who didn’t deserve it.

Missing two really awesome auctions on e-Bay.

Getting drunk and massacre-ing “Run to the Hills” at the karaoke bar. (Sooooooo sorry, Bruce)

Leaving the used motor-oil container on the driveway, where it leaked.

Not exercising enough. Not playing drums enough. Working too much. Not enough sex.

@figbash- nothing wrong with singing to the cat. I read to the dog, and my neighbor caught me mid-soliloquy with a date palm.

Oh yeah, not torturing the neighbor enough.

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Not acting swiftly and decisively.

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I regret all my sins of 2008.

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I didn’t Fluther enough.

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Oh wow, yes there are many.

I think my number one was a mistake I made this summer, but the rest are named Marty, Nick, Nate, and… oh shit… what WAS his name?

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@shadling, your list reminds me a lot of my resolutions this year?
do you mind me asking, why is it that you say it was a promising relationship and why did you not go along with it?
i think many times i tend to think, that if it didnt happen, then it wasn’t meant to be.. but i wonder how many times will i be saying that. :/

@McGhee, did you remember the name. ha

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@millastrellas: sigh… no… I don’t remember much of that night…

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ah. i see. well that was 2008. lets not look backward and look forward to good new year. :]

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@milla – I let the spark die. I couldn’t handle the intimacy. At least, I think that’s what happened.

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