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Happy New Year!
Don’t make me laugh.
Thump THUMP Thump THUMP etc

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did you take my advice and get completely drunk?

I’d just relax, drink plenty of water, and probably something for your headache.

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Believe it or not, pedialyte works wonders. Barring that, try a little chocolate milk.

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Random,i got absoloutly plastered.
I made a complete twat of myself,but yes it worked,BUT NEVER AGAIN!!!!

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Drink lots of water.
Mamasu is right, Pedialyte does work. Hangovers are dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance. Drink water, take two ibuprofen and relax. Or, do that and have the Pedialyte.

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The best hangover cure is a preventative.. as much water as you can hold and couple of aspirin before you go to bed. Barring that, lots of water or Gatorade (Pedialyte is gross), something bland and neutral in your stomach (toast, crackers, etc.), and then aspirin if you have a throbbing head.

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get urself to vomit.

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Sleep it off.

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sweat it out through exercise.. (seriously, I’m not kidding)
rest for 30 minutes,
then take a cold bath..
afterwards, drink milk or choco..
then sleep..

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Six hours in and alls well,drank the local pond,could eat a Horse.

Thanks everyone,the water was the cure,i think.

Time did the rest.

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