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Why do people shout at their dogs?

Asked by oasis (970points) January 1st, 2009

Dogs have hearing that is a thousand times better than ours,so why shout at them to get a point accross?
Speaking firmly has the same effect,or tone of command,so why shout.

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Perhaps people shout at dogs for the same reason they shout at children—they think fear commands obedience.

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It has to do with the people, not the dogs.

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I think Alfreda hit it. It really bothers me when someone is shouting, or being mean to a dog though. The dog will cower and do what it’s told in most cases. Sadly the people who shout are probably too ignorant to realize they could get the dog to do what they want without yelling.

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My mom shouts at my dog when she’s angry if she peed on the carpet or broke something. Usually, it’s because she’s upset at having to clean up after it, even though she knows my dog wasn’t being malicious. I usually just scoop up my dog and take her away from the mean lady.

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i have to agree with jack79. people shout at dogs and/or go beyond punishing because people do not understand dogs. my oldest son needs dog education 101 real bad. the more we know about how dogs socialize and exist, the more we can understand pets’ actions and behaviors.

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Didn’t you know that dogs understand English better if you speak louder? Sheesh.

Works with the French, too.

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Knot; you are sizzling today. (I love the avatar. Darth certainly has a large and all-encompassing wardrobe.)

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They shout at them for the same reason they shout at deaf people, or people who do not speak the same language as they do. It has to do with not thinking. (surely if I yell loud enough they will understand me). In a word, “ignorance”.

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Well…...Sadie my cocker spaniel is deaf as a post. Sometimes, only if I yell, she hears me.

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Not a clue. It doesn’t make them mind better, it just makes them cower and afraid of the person yelling.

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I guess I am really missing something here…..?

If a dog is doing something seriously wrong (e.g. attacking the neighbor’s cat) are you suggesting that one isn’t to shout the dog’s name to get it’s attention?

As to scolding the dog, all I have to do is look at our dog w/ furrowed brow and speak sternly. No shouting needed.

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@cardinal.If your dog is as deaf as a post it will never hear you.
If the yelling you do is not anger based then it wont affect the dog.

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@oasis. Yes. Being deaf is very different than being “hard of hearing”- you got it!

@Snoopy. I would be interested to hear if your dog, in the middle of attacking the neighbor’s cat, would stop doing it if you shout its name. No dog I have ever had would stop such engrossing activity just because I shout its name! (that probably would not stop me from doing it, just that I would have to do more than yell in that situation.)

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@greylady Thankfully, I have never had to intervene in an actual ongoing attack. However, yes, I called off one of my dogs who was charging out into the street to attack the neighbor’s cat.

I have also called off this same dog from charging other dogs.

We do not routinely yell at the dogs….only as a sharp call to get the dog’s attention.

As mentioned, a stern look and tone is all that is really needed….once we have their attention.

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Lack of training of the dogs.

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@Snoopy. Good for you, for training your dogs so well, and for stopping the dog while charging, before an actual attack! I agree that a sharp call is not the same as “yelling at the dog”.

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I have a deaf cat and a I yell at him sometimes. He never listens anyways.

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because it greatly disturbs their peace of mind,.
especially during a wrong timing. (oh yeah)

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Lack of training.
But not on part of the dog.

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People shout at their dogs because their lives are crap.(not the dogs fault you cruel people)

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I have to agree with AlfredaPrufrock. Also I think that some people see dogs and cats and in some circumstances thier children as possesions, not having much respect for that life force.

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People shout at their dogs because if you dogs shout that means he knows that somone bad might be coming in and if peopel shout out their dogs is because they are


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@melover139: Speaking of “compilated,” is English your native language? If yes, please explain your answer. If no, please explain what you mean.

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