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Gift ideas for a golden birthday?

Asked by erincollins (413points) January 1st, 2009

My husbands birthday is coming up soon and it’s his golden birthday (he’s turning 28 on the 28th). Is there a traditional gift for golden birthdays? What should I get him?

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I remember that for my golden birthday (way back) my sister gave me a a puzzle with the word gold in the name. I was turning 13 on the 13th.

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A Golden Retriever! Or a watch.

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The photo of you two, printed in grayscale,
placed in a gold frame (frame personally crafted and decorated by you..)

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28 yellow roses

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cool. :)
i’m so loving it.

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i dont get it, what is golden about it?

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I think you should definitely do 28 of something, maybe for part of it make a box with 28 different notes about why/how you love him.

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i’d give him a list of 28 things you want to do with just him before he turns 29. You should make most of them sexy….

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@johnny great idea!

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I thought you would enjoy that heh or should i say he will lol

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he said that i don’t even have to buy him anything as long as he gets a sexy birthday surprise! hahaha!

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in that case private message me for some sexy ideas lol Jk :-P

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