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Starbucks alternatives in the US? (Other chains, I mean.)

Asked by lrk (757points) January 1st, 2009

I just came back from a few months in the UK. In the UK, Starbucks was (approximately) equally as two competing stores, Costa and Caffè Nero. Are there any similar competing chains in the US?

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Coffee Bean maybe?

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Duncan Donuts, especially in the Northeast

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In my city I think there are actually more Scooter’s coffeehouses than there are Starbucks.

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try making a cup of joe at home…try cafe bustelo.

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Dunkin Donuts is HUGE here in New England. They can be excellent, but also inconsistent as they are franchised.

I prefer Honey Dew Donuts, a much smaller chain here.

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Caribou Coffee.

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In the Southeast,
Port City Java, originated here in Wilmington NC

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7 – Eleven and Wawa!

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Seattle’s Best (I once heard Starbuck’s owns them, though),
Java City, and It’s a Grind here in NorCal.

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Peet’s is pretty cool.

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McDonald’s Newmans Own Coffee

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community coffee…

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I forgot Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

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There is a lot of places like Starbuck’s in Oregon called “The Coffee People.”

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Dunkin Donuts is the best

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Gloria Jean’s, but their actual coffee is the foulest thing i’ve ever had.
Dunkin Donuts is like their biggest competitor here though i think

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I don’t personally know @Pete, but maybe he’s on to something. Visiting folks at home for a nice cuppa.

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@petethepothead biased, much? ;)

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Coffee Beanery or Norma Jean’s.

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I would think you’d find some pretty fine herbal tea at Pete’s.

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Chronically good, in fact.

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Oh, sure. Come on over for a pot of tea ;)

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Many smaller ones.

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I like Dutch Brothers.

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In upstate NY, as well as PA and perhaps a few other states, there is Tim Hortons. It’s a chain that originated from Canada. I love their coffee and bagels, and they also have some good sandwiches and soups if you’re craving that sort of thing.

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