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Are you addicted to change?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) January 1st, 2009

Do you just love changing things? Can you not stand to see something the same? Or do you love the way things are?

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I usually keep a lot of it in case I have time to stop for coffee before school. So, yes.

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Nothing is ever good enough for me. I have always moved a lot and changed jobs. I get bored with the way things are frequently so I shake things up. I was born a rambling man.

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I am. I love moving. And if I don’t move I will rearrange my room every couple of months to keep things fresh. And I love sleeping with different women.

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Not after this election.

I’m sick of change. But I’m glad it’s here.

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I don’t care much for the ‘change for the sake of change’ approach, but I think it’s an absolute must to always look out for improvements, innovations, learnings, and opportunities.

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I fear change.

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I’m going to answer properly now.

I used to love change and thrive on it, but recently I’ve become too comfortable in my ways. This year, I hope to actively change the way I live for the better. Time to take a stand, you know?

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I like to keep my immediate surroundings the same, but once I step away from my home I find that I am addicted to novelty. I need to do different activities and go to different places.

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I like to think that I like change, but in reality that is scary and so I prefer things to stay the same. I wish I wasn’t so scared of change.

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I am going to assume that you are a mother. Did your aversion to change appear after you had a child? Before giving birth did you feel the same way?

edit: I just checked your profile. It looks like you are a mom.

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I am a mom, but I’ve always had this aversion to change, like in the past I haven’t been happy with my career, but I was too scared to make a change for fear of the unknown, what if it doesn’t work or I am horrible at it? This is just one example of the many that pop up in my life. :). I do like rearranging furniture though, that’s a safe change.

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I like change where it’s needed, and sameness where everything is good. What I find is that stability is always more transient than I’d like it to be. Change is constant, in all kinds of ways. There are a never-ending stream of new problems to solve, some seemingly insignificant, and some incredibly important.

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I’m a pretty firm believer in the phrase “the more things change the more they stay the same” and that’s because the change I notice around me, in my work, and in other aspects of my life change very little over time.

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I don’t like change actually. I am a creature of habit.

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i don’t like to change everything constantly; but i do see a lot of places where change really needs to happen. in my own personal life, i don’t like to make these crazy drastic changes in my personality and whatnot unless it comes naturally. i see a lot of people forcing themselves to become an entirely new person, not for the better, just for the sake of changing things up.

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What Wildflower said.

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I don’t like to change lightbulbs.

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i like things to stay the same. I don’t mind changing if I’m paid to do so though.:-)

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Yeaa what Wildflower said.
i tried to think of something else to add, but she summed it up so well :)

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You should see my brother. Every year he must stick to traditions or he will get upset. He must have thanksgiving at our house with our grandparents and our aunt and we must make everything that we normally have, without excluding everything. And that is only one holiday example. (And I hadn’t even gotten into all of Thanksgiving traditions).
I on the other hand are not that picky, unless I am going somewhere I really don’t want to go. Sometimes I am like “yea! something different” other times I am defending my brother and saying “No! Tradition!”
But my brother is eighteen and he still says “we must play a boardgame after thanksgiving dinner” so that is when maybe it gets out of hand but hey, who ever said you were too young for a boardgame?

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No, not at all. There are many areas of my life where I like stability. For example, I’ve lived in the same house for over twenty years. But I find that a stable home situation gives me grounding for whatever adventures I may encounter.

I enjoy the good changes—like visiting other countries and learning new skills—and try to get through the bad ones, like friends and relatives dying and the downturn in the economy. But I truly believe that one of the marks of intelligence is adaptability to change, as change is a constant in all of our lives. Whether or not we like change, we have to learn to deal with it.

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I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to change.
But in certain areas of my life, I need change.
Two different things, yes?

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this is actually a big problem for me right now. I grew up changing schools every 1–2 years, and my mother constantly rearranged the furniture. There were other factors that contributed to myself needing change all the time, but one of the most negative results has been that I have somewhat of a split personality (more like multiple). It’s very mild, which is why I don’t take medicine for it, but I’m on the verge of thinking that maybe I should. When I need to change something, I get very anxious, I’ve had panic attacks, I can’t make very many long-term decisions (going to one college for 4 years was never really an option), and I’ve only just now been able to be in a solid relationship with a person.. and this is mostly because he fully understands my problems.

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