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Does anyone else not like drinking water?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8255points) January 1st, 2009

I’ve been told many, many times that I am strange because I don’t like drinking water; I don’t like the taste of it, I don’t ever want water. I think it’s pretty gross, to be quite honest, and I really hate when it tastes metallic. I think my biggest objection to it is the fact that, most of the time, it doesn’t taste like anything, which weirds me out. Am I really strange, or does anyone else out there dislike it too?

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You just haven’t had good water.

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odd…to me water is tasteless not metallic. Have you had pure filtered bottled water? I find it to be one of the most refreshing drinks you can find. It will cure my headaches and make me feel better after a hard work out. Or help recover after a night of a lot of alcoholic drinks.

Especially ice cold water when you wake up in the middle of the night thirsty….mmmm doesn’t get much better than how refreshing that is.

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Your telling me if you were framing a house in July and its 95 degrees with 100% humidity and your soaking wet with sweat you wouldn’t or couldn’t enjoy a cold bottle of water?

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Slurp! Delicious.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, buy a gallon of Reverse Osmosis water, also known as RO. Pour yourself a glass of RO water and one of tap water at room temperature. Try a few sips of both. Tap water has chemical additives, and all sorts of debris in it. Tap water in my opinion is pretty much disgusting.

You’ll understand after you try them back to back.

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Ur not alone! I drink about a glass of water a week during winter maybe twice a week during summer. I hate thinking about drinking water but when I drink filtered refridgerated water it isn’t so bad but if there is something else to drink like juice then I will almost always pick it over water

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Seriously, anyone who hates water. I dare you to try RO and tap.

I double dog dare you.

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RO water sounds like some kind of Alien water or something (not saying its bad) but ill try it

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@buster: nope. I don’t like it, from the tap or bottled, unless it’s flavored. Carbonated water is alright, but I’d rather not, but I will drink things like Propel if I have to. I almost always choose juice, milk, tea, or things like gatorade/lemonade and the likes over water.

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@jdogg: Reverse Osmosis is basically just the way the water is filtered, most of that link is stuff you don’t really need to know, but there are some interesting tidbits about how the military uses an RO system and some ways governments are beginning to use it in their waste management plans. :)

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Well i know what osmosis means (the transfer of water from high molecule concentrations to low concentations) because we just learned it in bio but thanx for a link

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And the statement on wiki has the osmosis def reversed its hi to low not low to hi and if I am wrong then my teacher is going to be PO’d

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I only like water if I’m in need of serious hydration, i.e. I’m very thirsty. However I consider Detroit’s tap water pretty darn decent.

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That’s another thing; I live in New York City, which has the cleanest tap water in the country. Still does no good for me.

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For the most part, I don’t like water. To be tolerable, it must be my filtered fridge water or bottled…ice cold. I pretty much force myself to drink a glass daily, because I have a kidney situation. However, when I am desperately thirsty…water is what I want most.

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I used to hate drinking water… until I got so dehydrated that my pee was orange and I had to go to the ER. Now I love water!!!

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i don’t water either. I usually drink it only when i am thirsty.

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I have well water, which is delicious. I’d still rather drink a pepsi or something.

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I like really cold water. It’s better for you than anything else, and relatively “free.” That alone could be a motivator to switch.

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I don’t like water. I don’t like it cold, warm, room temperature, bottled, tap, or in any other form. It tastes bad to me. However, there are times it is necessary.

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My brother used to be opposed to water when we were little. Every day we would go off to bike camp, my mother would give me two large water bottles of water, and him two large bottles of lemonade made from instant mix.

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Cold water has a metallic taste to me as well. So, drinking it at room temperature is a solution that works for me.

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Love well water, spring water. Hate city water

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Hate tap water and most bottled water tastes like the plastic it comes in. However, I still love water, if it’s purified. We always have cold water sitting in our fridge because we bought a purifier. Drink it all the time and sometimes if you feel like crap, all it takes is a glass of water to make you feel completely better.

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I love water!
Actually i’m drinking some fresh water as i write this.

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I’m a water freak! Of course I don’t like metallic tasting water either tho’. Now if your in someplace like Hawaii the water is sweet tasting.

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I filter my own water after reading a study that most purchased bottled water isn’t filtered at all, reverse osmosis or otherwise. Much of it is simply overpriced tap water in a clever package. Truth in advertising my you-know-what.

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@evelyn: oh man, now I’m even more paranoid about bottled water… and advertising in general…

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you are not alone. i too hate water, and luckily i have recently been told that the 8 glasses a day is bullshit.

@TitsMcGhee you are one awesomely strange person. and im glad to hear there are other water haters out there

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Best water ever: small village in Switzerland (Champery) had run-off directly from the mountains. Ice-cold and the best water you will ever taste.

Other than that, though, water is sort of icky, for the most part.

Where I used to live, it tasted of Chlorine and tasted ‘sweet’ (amost chemically) when you froze it.

Where my Grandma used to live, it tasted of dirt, no matter what you did with it.

Where I live now, it’s okay, but I’d rather have a cold glass of milk (really!) or tea than water. Usually.

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There is good and bad water. City water is generally gross. So is anything that isn’t filtered a bunch of times, I think.

But like @evegrimm said above, the best water I ever had was from a mountain stream wayy up in the Rocky mountains. It was july, and ice and snow was still melting from the peaks, and it formed many streams, one in particular that was right out in the open and you could just scoop it up in your hands and drink it. Most delicious thing I’ve ever had.

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