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Are you secretly annoyed by Fluther newbs?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8273points) January 1st, 2009

Not that I wasn’t new to Fluther very, very recently, but I find myself being a little more judgmental of very new Fluther members. I feel so guilty. Support, anyone?

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Dear god yes.

But only some of them, the ones who clearly don’t look around before they post or even bother reading the guidelines, or paying attention to the Question form for that matter. More details are needed damn it! They’re always needed! Or when they cop an attitude if you don’t give them what they wanted you to figure out with your psychic powers.

I don’t mind new guys, hell we were all new once. It’s a great chance to welcome someone new into the fold. But it seems to be a crap shoot with new members so I always give them a few weeks before passing judgment on spelling errors and poorly thought out questions.

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what am i considered in fluther eyes, a newb? or like semi-newb, or just a boob?

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oh, you have no idea. I get my self worked up just thinking of some of the things people will say, or ask, making typical first timer mistakes like…making the question the entire thing including details…then have next to no topics. Won’t give Lurve when needed for a good answer…you can normally spot them too (as if the 1 point of lurve wasn’t enough).

I will say, not all of them are super noobs and anger me though. But I am pretty judgmental about new comers for some reason. I almost immediately want to oppose an answer they may have given for some reason. Strange…I wonder why I feel this way about them.

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Yes! But I’m learning to deal with it; After all, they are new. Give them time to adjust, this is no Yahoo Answers.

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@Random: Because we’ve all seen a Frizzer.

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…be thankful it’s not like another Q&A website where every newbie asks – “last period was 11/22–11/28..Could I be preg?”...

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@googly: Exactly why I stayed here and never spent more than three minutes on those god awful sites.

cough, yahoo answers, cough

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@johnny: I generally think <200 lurve is generally pretty newb, sometimes <400–500. And, if it makes you feel better, I feel as though I’m a resident set of boobs around here…

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Id say your a healthy C cup though…..I think i have my newb moments but moreso have the swing of things…

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@googly: yeah, sometimes I see questions or responses and think to myself “I think this person should be directed to yahoo answers, immediately.” I mostly get annoyed at the questions with no details, useless/repetitive/etc answers, and the spelling/grammar mistakes that are just horrendous, beyond simple typos.

@johnny: It’s actually DDD.

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Usually, I don’t start recognizing people here until about 1000 lurve. Not because of the lurve but because they generally have to fluther up a storm to generate it. :)

Occasionally I’ll notice someone from the beginning of their Fluther life, because of a particularly striking answer from someone with two lurve or something insanely low and I keep an eye out for them.

So I say 1001 is no longer a Little Debbie. or a noobcake.

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I do, but I try to remember that I was new here once upon a time, too. I try very hard to reserve judgement for a bit, while they get their sea legs (tentacles?).

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I left fluther for awhile because I thought my social life was more important…when I came back….I felt like I learned an important lesson…..I learned that you guys are my real friends :-D HUUGS

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I also get annoyed with new flutherites, especially the very ignorant ones who chose to ignore all social norms of this site and disrespect the elder flutherites.

I’m sure most still consider me a newbie, but I’m just a little hesitant most times to answer and ask questions. But rest assured, I spend the majority of my day on this site. Don’t let the 376 lurve deceive you!

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I take full responsibility for 381.

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@asmonet—Aw… thanks. You’ve always been one of my faves :o)

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<<blushes>> 386.

Don’t tempt me to max you out. ;)

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@Jane: I think what annoys me most is the people who aren’t trying to get into the way the site works… There is just something about certain users with 30someodd lurve that provide ridiculous answers that just make me roll my eyes.

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wow can i just say i gave a hug and i got 10 lurve for that…what happens if I give something else?.....I feel like a whore on christmas stuck at hooters business meeting :-D

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You know maybe they should have your lurve and then number of responses and make some kind of like cumulative formula like lurve x posts = total / posts = STATUS…..or something like that…im bad at math so that was my best try…

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@johnny: Read this!

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@asmonet: Is it bad that I use the Paul Coyle website to check up on my own stats?

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No, I’ll keep your secret if you promise not to tell on me when I do it.

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@asmonet – oh snap….call me a follower…i thought i was a little brighter then my now so so shaky lamp on my desk but i guess not….and sad thing is the light bulb is only 15 watt…. sigh

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Some of them. But I was a newbie once and I probably annoyed some (probably still do). The annoying ones usually go away in the end. Fluther seems to filter itself.

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@AC: Amen to that.

Sometimes I compare myself to the 10k club. Is that bad?

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basically fluther lets them on a trial period…the reason they go away is because if you attempt a series of stupid questions and answers the next one you try fluther just sucks you into the screen and uses your usless soul to improve site speed….but nobody is suppose to no that….

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Or know it for that matter. :)

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@ johnny—Oh, if only that was true

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@asmonet: I aspire to be the 10k club!

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@tits: Shh, me too. We can’t let them know our plans!

Until tomorrow, Fluther, it’s bedtime.

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@asmonet oh snap…see if you had bought me that trial lesson for speaking english like you said you were going to….none of this would have ever happened and BTW this is starting to lag….someone find a stupid!

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@TitsMcGhee and asmonet—Keep your high hopes! You’ll be the 10k club someday soon!

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I sometimes get annoyed with Fluther users, new and seasoned. It’s all good, though. I enjoy the snippets of life users reveal about themselves through questions, answers, and points of view.

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I agree with Jane – I’m a little irritated if the person doesn’t take the time to take a quick peek at how the site works and the norms of the community. There’s a difference between an eager new site user and someone who wants to do a hit-and-run “my ipod broke errors and then mp3 help!!!111” question.

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@gimmedat: Isn’t that the point of Fluther? It always makes me happy :)

@Jane: It always makes me a little sad when it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten lurve.

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I am very new to the site and was actually very excited when i discovered it.
I hope i haven’t annoyed anyone so far. :/

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@millastrellas—By looking at the questions you’ve asked, you seem to have a good grasp the kind of questions that are appropriate to ask.

Like most others have said, as long as you’re respectful and follow the suggestions and norms of the community, you won’t annoy anyone :o)

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Annoyed, only when I see repeated Qs or lazy-web Google-type Qs. I like a lively Fluther, though. New blood keeps it interesting.

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It’s not a secret anymore

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I feel this site changes topics so rapidly there’s little time to be annoyed about one hiccup. I also see alot of the three C’s
Communication, Cooperation,
and Consideration. That outways any annoying spots. Thanks

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I’m still new here, but I have to admit that when I open the site in the morning and there are several inane questions, from the same new user, that’s annoying. I agree with what PupnTaco said, new blood does keep it interesting if the new person brings interesting answers or insights with them. I’m most incensed by the questions with the caveats like: What does blah blah blah blah; *and don’t say blah blah, and don’t tell me blah blah – if you already know the answer you want, why take the time to type it? I don’t think I bring too much to the table here but I enjoy it and I’ve certainly learned a bit and had my eyes opened to other points of view…that can’t be bad.

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I know newb’s can be annoying…

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When you join a new community, you should lurk before posting. Learn the lay of the land – get a feel for the people who inhabit the digital town.

When you post, minutes or hours after joining, you open yourself to judgment because your questions are malformed, trite, immature, or just plain ignorant. As the saying goes, you don’t know he’s a fool until he opens his mouth.

So if I call you a noob, it’s because you didn’t do this very important first step.

Lurk, dammit.

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@squirbell, I think your advice is fine if people have never been on a discussion site at all. However, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, so I see no need to lurk at the start.

I’ve been on many discussion sites (they used to call them “boards”) over the years, and guess what? They aren’t all that different, except in the ways that people from different parts of a country are different.

People are what they are, and unless they are totally new, the only thing they have to learn is the culture of the particular site. You can’t really learn that without interacting with it.

Total newbies—well they can’t know anything, can they? So how can you expect them to know they should lurk first? They’ll do online what they do in meat space. If they’re awkward in meatland, they’ll be awkward and annoying online.

Of course, people will keep on complaining, as well. The only thing I’ve ever seen that works, vis a vis this subject is that if every newbie gets a kind of guide or mentor, who takes them under their metaphorical wing, and takes a personal interest in teaching them what is what.

In my opinion, complaining does little good. If you’re not willing to try to do something that works, shut your mouth (which, although a newbie lesson, is also a life lesson).

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What differs from site to site is the culture.

Where the problem occurs is when you assume that every board culture is the same – and behave as though they are.

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The differences, while important, are relatively minor in my experience.

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When I am annoyed by a newbie, I tend to make it fairly clear.

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I think in ‘meat space’ people do lurk though – if you happen a new group of people or step in to hear an ongoing conversation you take a minute to listen to the flow of conversation, get a gauge on the tone, what might be interesting, etc. Haven’t you been at a party with people you know and after someone new talks to you everyone is all who is that?.

Of course this happens in mere seconds in real-life because we have so much more to read (body language, tone & pitch, facial expression, contextual history). Online we just have uniform text and while expressive, doesn’t carry the same richness of candor that real-life interactions have and thus we would perhaps lurk or read a little more to gain a ‘world-view’ of the community.

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Many thanks for all the tips on how not to irritate you seniors. I’m having a flashback to 1987 when I was in the tenth grade and the new kid in school, trying to get in to the cool crowd. Maybe someday? Seriously, I’ve enjoyed my short time here at fluther and hope it lasts.

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What do you thimk, guys… should we let jonsblond into our club?~
Hint: the tilde (~) denotes sarcasm here.

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Oh Trunstinglife, I’m really a sweetheart. Just get to know me please. :)

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She’s in…we’ve already been through so much together ;)

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