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How hopeful are you that 2009 will be a better year?

Asked by cdwccrn (3605points) January 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

In what way do you expect it to be better?

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…than what?

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if you mean better than last year… it should be! The first half of the year i spent getting my soul and spirit back to find that the world looked colourful and beautiful to me again… only to spend the latter six months in a relationship that has destroyed (not completely but…) some of my positivity and enthusiasm.

i intend to rectify this and not make the same mistake again…i.e. when you sense that something might be a bad idea…it generally is. listen closely to your heart and don’t ignore it.

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I will be surprised if I screw this year up as badly as the last one. Not overwhelmingly so, but I learned a few things to avoid.

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I am cautiously optimistic.

If things don’t go better than last year, I’m in trouble.

That being said, I only need one tangible improvement to turn me back into an optimist.
I’m kind of a hope whore.

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@cprevite I’m curious as to why is was such a bad year? Of course you don’t have to disclose anything at all…but also curious to know what would be an example of a tangible improvement?

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@lynneblundell: wife unemployed, savings gone, dad died, aunt died, uncle died, friend died, many friends divorced or unemployed, and I’m working seven days a week just to keep my head above water.

If my wife could land a job, I’d do a cartwheel (and if you saw me, you’d know that’s quite a feat).

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I’m depending on it. But I know there is much hard work to be done and many hard choices to make.

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@cprevite! crikey…that’s awful… i sincerely hope you have a much much much better year! and praying and hoping that your wife lands a job before the end of January but sooner if possible! x

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One word.

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I expect to make my own life better this year, as opposed to last year, when I think I subconsciously expected someone to come along and make my life better for me.

@cprevite: Aw, gee whiz, that’s rough. This too will honestly pass. Bless you and your family.

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I’m confident it will be a lot better.

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Please, please, please! Fingers crossed :)

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@cprevite: my prayers for you and your family.
To all@ blessings that 2009 will be a year of good things.

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Thanks to all for the well wishes. I certainly hope for only the best for all fellow Flutherers.

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Good wishes to all for a better year ahead.

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I am hoping for a better Year for America and the free world.
I wish more people could view the world logically. I wish people would stop placating evil people .
I hope to find help for my Autistic Son after he finishes his wonderful school.
Having an a Autistic Son has helped me comprehend what is important . I hope the rest world will learn soon . Many know and too many do not.

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just love now… just love xxxx

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