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What are some ways to avoid winter nosebleeds?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) January 2nd, 2009

I know they are caused by the dry air at home and in the office (and outside!), but I don’t know how to avoid and/or prevent them. Any tips? I can humidify at home, but in the office is more difficult and I’m definitely more sensitive to the office issue—I’d rather not look like a drug addict all winter.

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I get chronic nosebleeds, and winter only brings them much more often. I’ve had doctors tell me to dab vaseline just on the inside of my nose in the mornings and before I go to sleep. It didn’t work for me, but maybe for someone who doesn’t normally get nosebleeds it’ll do the trick.

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put a small pail or water near the heater or buy a humidifier

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My ENT told me to use Afrin to prevent nosebleeds. I thought it was by prescription, but my mom swears it’s over-the-counter now.

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Saline nasal spray. When I moved to Wyoming, it was the only thing that saved me from the harsh dry winters. It works really well.

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Get a humidifier

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I agree with the saline spray suggestion, if it’s not possible for you to use a humidifier of any kind. Afrin, and other sprays like it, are decongestants They work by constricting blood vessels in your nasal tissues. Prolonged use can have the opposite effect though. I think you’re not supposed to use them for more than 5 consecutive days. The saline spray is harmless. A humidifier is always your best bet though.
Good luck!

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A humidifier wouldn’t really work in the office. But I’ll look into the nasal sprays—thanks!

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@Empress: I’m surprised you want to avoid the red nosed, Rudolph type, drug addict nose. It would lend an air of mystery and certainly give your co-workers something to chat about! ;)

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Humidifier with Vicks Vapour Inserts would do good or a Sauna treatment with/without eucalyptus extracts.

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Saline nasal spray. :) Makes the back of your throat taste salty if you use a lot but it works.

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On another note, to stop a nosebleed, don’t hang your head backwards, put a small wadded up piece of toilet paper between your top gum and your front lip. It will stop it faster and not as much blood will pour down your throat.

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Sorry, I only get them in the summer. :T
But I know that they come from humidity.

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My doctor told me NOT to use Vaseline. It’s too thick & if you get too much of it up your nose, it can slide down into your lungs. He said to use mineral oil. I do, & it’s not near as goopy.

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Yeah I am just going by opinion but I wouldn’t use vasoline.

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