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Has anyone noticed that after someone has been given a bunch of lurve on one thing it stops giving them lurve?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) January 2nd, 2009

On the oh so popular “How Long is your Dock” question yesterday, one member got 9 great answers, but his overall lurve remains below 45, is this something new? I don’t get on much anymore.

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I haven’t but I know that the most you can lurve someone is 100 times. I am pretty sure.

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You can also only lurve the same person that many times (I recall three, but am not sure).

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After 5 GA’s on a single answer, no further GA’s will raise the lurve score

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Harp are you serious?
I learn something new every day!

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Lurve me two times baby. Lurve me twice today.

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Yeah, kid, that’s the bitter truth.

And a further bummer is that if some of those first five GA’s are from people who’ve maxed out on you, then that effectively reduces how much total lurve you can get for that answer.

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10K, here I come

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I have yet to reach 1k
Good job PupnTaco. I’ll help you right now.

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@Harp- Hmm… I’m going to lurve more responsibly from now on.

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Pup, I lurved you for the Doors reference. I’m easy.

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Anyone wanna help me get to 1K?

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yay I just gave it to you congratulations!

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@xxporkxsodaxx, good work! 4 digits, baby!

I didn’t know the 5 GA limit either. Is there a similar limit for GQ’s? I just added the 7th GQ here, and want to make sure it’s received!

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@ trustinglife
I hope not!

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