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Who's Cooler: Ben or Andrew?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) January 2nd, 2009

Please explain your answer and give examples.

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I can’t choose! They’re both equally awesome!

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<< Running away from this question!

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ive never had any interaction with ben but andrew answered one of my questions the other day so im a fan of andrew…but im sure ben is equally as cool….

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I don’t like to see members pitted against each other for any reason.

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Oh man, that’s like asking whose cooler, Kenickie or The Fonz it is wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong.

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Just check the frizzer. Or find the boy and ask him.

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I don’t think this is fair. They’re both hella cool as far as I’m concerned, I mean they did start fluther.

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I’ve only met Andrew and he’s cool in my book. Ben’s up in SF.

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Come on!
Krose is right that this isn’t a fair question! They are both cool. I rarely see them answer a question or something so I don’t even know much about either of them anyway.

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Ben’s cool. I’m hot.

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Ben or Andrew??? What??? Don’t you know about the bad ass mod team?

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scratch that, read it wrong. Ha. They’re both hotties!!

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haha! the link on the word “ass” was omfgTALi
Good job Pnl.

there are only 6 mods?

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Whoever happens to be wearing the ultra-chic hat of coolness gets my vote.

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What is the difference between a moderator and a community manager?

Oh. And I don’t know either one, but Andrew likes cats and Mila Jovovich, so he’s cool in my book.

Damn, she’s hot!

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Ohh by the way what I said before wasn’t sarcasm. (no tilde ’~’)

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@andrew – those were my thoughts I was just afraid to say it…..........wink wink ;-) JK!

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intro24-What are you trying to do? I’m not going near this.

But then, Ben is cool enough to live in the northern part of the state. Hmmm.

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Only for the sweet pic of him riding a bike in the Jelly T-shirt Ad.

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Bendrew ftw.

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Yeah I agree with shadling: Bendrew.

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But what about Andjamin?

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How about this for an out. Andrews big sis would hang my by my toes if I didn’t say Andrew. LOL! Which he is anyway.

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Yeah, I know there’s other mods. The purpose of this question is to see the communities opinions on the two Fluther creators. No hard feelings, no competition. Just seeing why people like one or the other and if there’s any random fun things I haven’t seen (thanks Harp). This is pretty much the Fluther equivalent of asking if Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak is cooler. No reason, just to see what people say and why. Anyways, thanks everyone for the numerous and great answers and for the “Great Questions”. Much appreciated!

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Please define “cool.” It is such an umbrella word that I haven’t a clue. Both A and B are smart, gorgeous, funny, complicated, multi-dimensional and multi-talented.

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Gail is the best. The Fonz is the better the old wjats his name in Grease.

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Cage match! Cage match! :^>

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Please define “cage match.”

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We lock them both in a big cage and we all sit around the cage and watch until whatever predetermined test of skill is complete. Traditionally this is some sort of fight, but since we’re testing for “cool” I think a cage match of stand-up one-liners would work better. It’s just an idea. :^>

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Well. Andrew is a trained actor, but Ben and some friends built a 10-stories tall working game of Tetris on the sids of the Science library at Brown U in April of 2000. It ran for 8 days.

Read the whole fascinating story here
or here.

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He is from Brown???
My dad used to work there!
Wow because we know a lot about Brown and especially providence.

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What did your dad do? Teach? There is a big Brown connection here. For example, my daughter (Ben’s first cousin) went to Brown. I love Providence, more than Boston (where I lived for 11 years).

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@90s_kid, Yes I rather enjoyed that “ass” thing myself. They are my initials after all….

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Sucks for Tali. <3

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@Gail, I’m pretty sure that qualifies Ben as a nerd, not “cool.”

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@gailcalled: Actually, that was tech house that did the large tetris game, and neither ben nor I were involved. I mean, please, we’re too cool for that.

Ben is much better at math than I am.

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Andrew; Glad that you are on the qui vive.

Someone just called Knot and me nerds because we speak Latin to each other from time to time. That’s not cool?

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For about a month, those were my initials, but were then changed to AJS (never in the records though)
My brother still calls me ASS tho.

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Hey paul im gonna say mine first. but anyway so far andrew is winning in my book hes the first to answer my first question between the 2. But we will have to see who i like more later on

@gailcalled lol i can play the song qui vive on piano. Lol it just clicked in my head when you said that

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That actor/Tetris thing is exactly what I’m looking for, Gail. Acting skills and giant Tetris games created using a building are both definitely considered cool to me. I guess those things lead up to something as great as Fluther. As for the what I mean by “cool” use whatever definition you see fit. It’s all your opinion.

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Ben, he’s hilariously funny. I’ve never met Andrew.

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Ben, because he plays Ultimate frisbee, and is a really nice guy.

I’m looking forward to meeting Andrew someday. He’s in an Apple commercial. That must count for some coolness points.

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Hard to say. They’re both pretty awesome.

I’m going to have to go with Andrew
because he gave me an extra week to pay my pizzo.

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