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What's the best way to get the smell of dog urine out of carpet?

Asked by chicadelplaya (2218points) January 2nd, 2009

I am house sitting and need to get the urine smell out of their carpet if possible. The carpet is shaggier than most. Any ideas?

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Rubbing dog shit on the urine should distract from the smell of urine.

Or a steam cleaner, using baking soda and vinigar should do it.

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Ooooh I hate dogs! That is the reason why! My cat never ever urinates on anything except her litter box——and littlebox training came naturally to her.

Now instead of being an idiot and rubbing it in your face, sorry try coffee grounds on the carpet for a few hours. I just found this website which may help:

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I’ve always found this product helpful.

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Douse the carpet in Red Wine.

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That will stain it!
If you were using sarcasm, leave this thread because this is serious. Gosh. You’re name defines yourself.

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But it will get the smell out…
[edit]: and if you do it right, you can simply have a red carpet!

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Get rid of the dog and get a cat.

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@blast- I’d much rather drink the wine.
@astro- It’s not my dog or carpet. I only have a cat, and now I know why.
@seriousresponders- Thank you! Wish me luck.

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An old, ailing, seriously incontinent cat that you still love and are nursing through his difficult decline while he still has plenty of life left in him can play hell with your carpet, especially if that phase lasts for a year or more. No amount of shampooing, vinegar, baking soda, Nature’s Miracle, elbow grease, or tears has succeeded in washing the aromatic reminders of him out of our hall carpet in the three months that he’s been gone.

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Nature’s Miracle has always worked for me. If possible, pull the carpet up to expose the stained carpet pad. Use Nature’s Miracle on the stained carpet pad, then apply baking soda to dry it up. Put the carpet back in place and use Nature’s Miracle on that as well. If you have access to a steamcleaner, there are special pet odor removing solutions to use with the steamcleaner, and that helps as well.

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This is good stuff. If it doesn’t work for you (not too likely), you will get your money back.

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I will third Nature’s Miracle, which works well. If the stain penetrated to the underpad, you need to make sure you use enough to get that too. It is available at most pet supply stores like Pet Smart etc. Black lights can help you find stains that have dried.

Good luck.

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Marina! You’re back! Hurray!
Happy New Year.

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Thanks, AC. I shall send you a comment.

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Thank you everybody for all of your suggestions. Sounds like Nature’s Miracle is a great option so I’m going to give that a shot. Thanks and Happy New Year! :o)

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Good luck with it. I did my best on the wall-to-wall carpet, but it wasn’t enough to drive away residue. We can’t get underneath, or that would be an excellent idea.

If it hadn’t been for some hard economic hits, we might have a new carpet by now, but that is just not a top priority in these times.

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50/50 white vinegar and water

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diluted window cleaner works magic! gets the stain out and the smell. i suggest using a brush to work it in then using an old wash cloth to get the excess up.

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