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How to run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) September 17th, 2007

I have to get on a website on for work which only works on IE6+, is there somewhere to d/l IE for OSX without getting bootcamp or anything. I thought i remember being on IE on a mac before…

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get Firefox for the mac and then get the IE TAB extension for firefox

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Unfortunately, it’s sort of a pain. If you have an intel Mac, things like bootcamp, crossover mac, parallels, and fusion are your best bet, though they all require some overhead and annoyance (and only bootcamp is free). But they will work.

If you have a PPC mac, there is a very slow roundabout method using Virtual PC, but I’d recommend against it, as it’s horribly slow and a pain to setup. There also is a way using Wine and some linux stuff that’s free, but it may require serious tinkering (this may also be Intel only).

Your memory is correct about IE on mac, but this is actually of no use, because is a terrible and discontinued product, and bares little resemblance to IE on a PC.

I’d recommend this awesome screenshot site where you can get IE screenshots over the web, but they may be insufficient, depending on your needs (because there’s no interactivity). I find it very handy:

Finally, you may find it worthwhile to invest a few hundred bucks in a crappy windows machine from craigslist, and there you can test everything with maximum authenticity.

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Oh, and I’m pretty sure the Firefox extension mirza mentioned is Windows-only…

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Looks like the question is about needing to get on a website for work, not develop a website.

In which case the only solution is to install Windows through one of the methods Ben describes in the first paragraph of his post.

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Will an upgrade version of windows xp work with bootcamp? or will i need a full version cd?

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You will need the full CD. And I think it has to be SP2 on XP or Vista.

Parallels or VMware Fusion will allow installs of older versions of Windows.

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God, don’t you hate sites like this!? I mean how hard is it do build something outside of what you learned in school 8 years ago?

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there is finally an easy way to run internet explorer on OSX – a simple free application named ies4osx

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