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Have you seen 7 Pounds?

Asked by mcbealer (10204points) January 2nd, 2009

do not read further if you haven’t yet and are planning to…
I have seen this movie twice now, and still can’t figure out what the present Ben has for Emily is, resembling a vinyl record, at the end of the movie. Your thoughts?

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eghhh i cant get over how bad that movie was….. it was just so boring and lacking in so many ways…. its a shame cause i was really looking forward to it, will smith movies are usually great.

imo the only cool part of that movie was the fact that he had a box jelly ^_^. Though i admit i did cringe when i saw him fill the tank with hose water LOL.

to answer your question, honestly im not sure. I found there were quite a few unanswered questions with this movie.

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My thought was perhaps some specialty paper for her press or something, but I didn’t pick up any clues that might have indicated for sure what it was. Maybe it has something to do with a scene that was cut from the theatrical release.

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I echo Ubermatman completely. I became very irritated at the slow pace. I found it interesting that some people left my movie in complete full-fledge tears and stunned. Not my idea of a Christmas movie.

I also was left with many unanswered questions (like what happened to Will’s brother??) and don’t know about the package.

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My guess is either special stationary or a vinyl record.

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I actually got up and left the movie because my roommate and I figured everything out almost to a T about half way through the movie. It was really crappy.

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@ Curious404 ~ what do you wonder about his brother?

Thanks for all the responses so far… let’s keep this thread going.

I didn’t realize the audiences were so split on this movie, although I knew it got some tough reviews from critics.

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I enjoyed the movie very much. Will Smith is sooooo easy to look at…..

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@Mcbealer: I too find that reviews are split – either you loved it or you hated it.

I wonder about the brother because it just seemed like a story line that was never finished. The last time we saw him, he was at the girl’s house waiting for Will to come out. Then no more after that. It’s not a major part of the story, but could have been resolved.

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(off-topic from original question) I think an interesting query the movie challenges one to consider is how each of us would stack up… I know I definitely don’t have the grace or kindness of Ezra. I found 7 Pounds very inspiring in that sense.

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@ Curious404 ~ yeah, a loose end indeed. The movie quickly pivots to the culmination of the plot, with Ben running to the motel room, hoping not to be stopped by his brother. I wish they hadn’t shown the suicide sequence at the beginning of the film at all.

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Mcbealer: Ive read books where the prolouge gives away the end. Major spoiler :-)

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I did find some of the time jumps a bit confusing early on – that is, they didn’t always seem clearly defined at first as flashbacks. I did also figure out very early on what “Ben” was up to, but it did allow me to consider how I felt about what he was doing. That added to the movie for me, rather than detracted. A surprise ending isn’t the goal of all plot lines.

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