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Outdoor designing?

Asked by gobotrunner (5points) September 17th, 2007

Are there any jobs that would allow a graphic designer to get outdoors more???

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You could rent a booth at an art show exhibiting some of your work. You might get a little snobbishness from the “real” artists, but, you know—sticks and stones. It’s not usually the type of work you see at those shows, but the unconventionality of it would make you stand out. The ones in my town are usually held outside.

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tile work is good. mosaic tiling might allow for creative design.

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are you wanting to continue with graphic design? or are you interested in possibly changing to a different field that uses your design skills? You might consider doing more outdoor photography (maybe do travel photography) for graphic projects…. or you might want to do something different such as landscape design, or product design (specifically designing products to be used in the garden, etc.) Another idea is interpretive design for nature centers, parks, historical sites, trails, and museums—depending on who your clients are, interpretive design could require you to spend lots of time outdoors on-site.

The National Association for Interpretation is a resource to learn more about the field of interpretive design.

Good Luck gobotrunner—let us know how you fare, what you decide on! :)

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It’s not usually the kind of perform you see at those reveals, but the unconventionality of it would create you take a position out.

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