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Why is this playlist showing up on my iPod?

Asked by J3 (63points) September 17th, 2007

I just got one of the new iPod Nano’s. I’ve synced two of my many playlists to the Nano – let’s call them Pop and Classical. One of the playlists I am NOT syncing is called Backup. It is a list of songs I need to backup to disc. However this playlist is showing up on the Nano even though it is not selected to be. Also, the entire Backup playlist isn’t showing on the Nano; just the songs that are in Pop and Classical and are common to Backup! Is this a “feature”? Is there any way around it?

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i havent played around with the new nanos but theres always a play around it – just delete the playlist from the nano – (right click backup playlist and press delete)

ps check if the nano screen is alligned right – if not it might be the damaged batch that got shipped – if this is the case, apple will replace it

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That was a good idea that I had not thought of but unfortunately DELETE is not one of the options when right-clicking a playlist on the Nano in iTunes. There are a few other new “features” regarding playlists on the new Nano that none of my other older iPods have so it looks like I may just have to work around this with a different playlist setup.

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just select the playlist and press delete
or you could just downgrade to an older version of iTunes

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yeah ditto the previous post, minus downgrading to an earlier version of iTunes.

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