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What percentage of Armenian last names end in -ian or -yan?

Asked by sferik (6086points) January 3rd, 2009

Also, what percentage of Scottish and Irish last names start with “Mac-” or “Mc-”?

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Both the suffix and prefix you reference relate back to designating “from” or “of”. As does “von” in German. Surnames are either place, occupation or parent-derived. (Johnson= son of John).

The answer to your question is, it has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the name.

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I know why so many Armenians have ”-ian” and ”-yan” patronymic suffixes.

I was wondering how prevalent it was.

In my personal experience, all the Armenians I know have names that end in ”-ian” but I may have met people who I didn’t realize were Armenians who lacked the traditional suffix.

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A high enough percentage to reasonably guess that “Jane Kardashian” will be of Armenian decent (though not necessarily to infer that she’ll make a sex tape).

Likewise with the scottish/irish names—while there are many Scottish names that don’t begin with Mac/Mc (like Wallace or Burns), it’s reasonable to assume that Jane MacLaine will be of scottish heritage.

Ditto for -dotter and Icelandic.

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@andrew Thanks! Didn’t know about -dotter.

You may be interested in my related question about cultures that don’t follow the practice.

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haha.. its sad though fortunate that some people find out about Armenians from the Kardashians
but to answer your question, most Armenians have names that end in -ian or -yan, and those who don’t either changed it while moving to another country or removed the -ian at the end to assimilate easier. I even know someone with -khan at the end.
One other thing that happens with alot of armenians from Russia, is that they change the -ian to -ovich. Furthermore, during soviet times, a russian passport would consist of First name, Last name, and Dad’s first name + ovich.

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im half armenian! and yes it’s true because my last name ends with -ian

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