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Do modern people still believe in curses?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12928points) January 3rd, 2009

I read a blog recently about witchcraft and Satanism, and the owner mentioned that once you became a witch, you couldn’t get out. I guess its like the Mafia, hunh? But the part about casting spells on others cracked me up. Do people really still believe such superstitious nonsense is REAL?

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knocks on wood

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Unless you don’t take Wiccans for their word, you’ve answered your own question in the affirmative.

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People have and always will have different belief systems, so of course there are people in this day and age that still believe in magic. It’s no different than people who pray to god. All of it seems kind of bizarre to me, but I’ve accepted the fact that people will probably always be strange creatures.

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I have several patients who totally believe.

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I certainly believe in the bad karma people attract by crossing me, which results in my damning them to the flames of hell.

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I do believe in some superstitions, or karma or whatever you want to call it but I know what’s real and what’s not..

I don’t think because someone’s cursed you means your doomed..

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of course there’s people who still believe in stuff like that. there’s still people who believe there’s a giant guy in the sky that had one of his earth buddies gather 2 of every animal one earth into a big boat, aren’t there? honestly – and i’m not disrespecting christianity – i think the first one sounds more legit.

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There is no superstition or witch or Wiccan or catholic or dictator or wizard or black cat, ladder or anything else that can harm me by crossing my path, burning or burying a photo of me or talking over a candle or damning me to hell. It’s all very silly. I make things happen through work, want and desire. I have a cousin who heads a Wiccan chapter in Ohio. He has the worst “luck” out of anyone I know. Why wouldn’t a witch friend try to help him out?
Doesent seem to be very good in my book. And my book doesent have very many pages of rules and does not require any oils or candles.

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I’ve run into it a few times, and it seems to actually work on the people who believe in it. As in if you are cursed by your neighbor and you believe bad things are going to happen to you then they do. Whether they would have happened anyway or whether or not you are behaving in a way to make these things happen, they happen. It’s difficult to argue with results, or at least what people perceive to be results.
I think that is why these superstitions have so much power over people.

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I don’t know what outfit they’re talking about where “once you’re a Witch, you can’t get out.” There’s Wicca, but people get into and out of that religion at will, so it must be something else they’re talking about. Who knows? There’s wacky little cults and religions of all kinds, it might be true somewhere.

But yeah, there are completely legit religions that believe in spellcasting, just as there are completely legit religions that believe in prayer. The concepts are quite similar.

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basically, it boils down to the power of suggestion. Michael Shermer has it figured out when he talks about the power of belief. If you believe in something false, and it does no harm, then such a thing persists. Like believing that a man in the sky controls the lightning. (Zeus.) If you believe in something false, and it kills you, then you don’t pass your genes on. (that hungry lion won’t eat me). If you think putting a spell on someone is a curse, and they die, then you have your own personal justification that it worked. It’s all silly, but then, where else can I find the things that amuse me if not in the people with superstitious beliefs?

I’m not superstitious, but to this day I still won’t walk under a black cat or let a ladder cross my path. So far, so good.

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the only thing that should NOT be believed , is a blog that puts witches ,satanism , and mafia in the same sentence ,, and saying ” once you are in you cant get out ”. also ,anyone calling it superstitious nonsense…. spells , are real. curses are real .(allthough a witch will rarely cast for negative reasons). most witches help lift curses, heal , and educate . are trained in herbal healing and natural healing . witches have nothing to do with the devil .. satan is a christian deitie (he is one of their boys from their storybook.) you my friend ,,, have been lied to . it is the social programming , smear campaigns , cola war tactics, misinformation , etc… that the church used to fool you that is nonsense. ;-)

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it is real i have a friend that does it… it works on any one unless your a christian but thats my religion thats why when they go to the grave yard to do their things if they do it on a tombstone that was saved by god it doesnt work but thats my religion

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