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At what age does a woman become to old to wear a thong?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) January 3rd, 2009

Is there an age limit?

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I think 40 is the limit. Depends on how attractive she is really.

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Thong police?

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It’s my hiney, and I can show if it I want to. What about guys?

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I would assume that when she bends over to scratch her knee and has to move her breast out of the way. sorry for that wicked mental image

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As far as I am concerned, about age 2 or 3. I live in a no thong zone, although thinging is acceptable.

Why have a wedgie on purpose?

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What difference does it make what kind of undies any woman is wearing? If a woman is concerned about VPL and wants to wear a thong, I say go for it, avoid this fashion faux pas!

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There’s no age limit!!!

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Never, as long as their man wants to see them in a thong they should wear one!!!

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@ erincollins, that is an exceptional answer…lurve!!

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@ darwin What 2 or 3 year old wears a thong, I know we’re in the age of Mylie Cyrus, but come on!

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I’m with Darwin. Can’t stand the feeling of a wedgie. Would never wear a thong.

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Never. I prefer no undies because I find them all uncomfortable.

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@erincollins – that’s the only age that can still get away with running around naked (or half naked) in public.

And I didn’t say they DID wear thongs, I said that’s the oldest anyone should be who wears one.

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As soon as she personally feels too old. Who cares if an older woman wants to wear them? It’s her body and she’s not forcing you to look at her ass. It’s her business and her business alone.

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@darwin correct me if i’m wrong but the question was at what age does a woman become too old to wear a thong? and you said 2 or 3. Now you’re saying, thats the oldest anyone should be who wears ones?

SOOOO you should be a new born to 23 months old then you should hang up the thong?!?

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I’d say there’s a limit, all right, but it is corporeal, not chronological.

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At the same age a man is too old for a banana hammock.

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I tried to wear a thong when I was younger and hated it. I decided I was too old right then.

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I’m with Darwin…the idea of butt floss just makes me want to vomit.

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@erin – in my opinion, exactamundo. As I said, that is the oldest anyone can get away with running around naked in public.

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132, or as long as she wants.

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idc what age any woman wears a thong, you could be 93 and wear a thong, i could care less but there’s one major thing to thongs with ANY woman…DONT SHOW THEM…that’s not a good look, like no body wants to see what kind of thong your wearing so keep it NON-SHOWING

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At the same age anyone is too old for a wedgie. Guys why do you think a piece of cloth stuck in your ass crack is sexy?

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Once you can’t see any of the thong at all, it’s time give them up.

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Thongs, ugh! Any age is the wrong age, if I have to see the stupid things.

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To quote Indiana Jones, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

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@april: whats a banana hammock? Should I buy one for my husband?

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@cdwccrn Only if your husband looks like this

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@cdwccrn: Yes, I think syz’s link can answer both your questions! :D

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Cdwccrn: Even if your husband looks like that, I’m still going to have to vote No.

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I used to feel the way a lot of you are: why have a wedgie on purpose. then i tried thongs and i find that you don’t feel it unless they’re too tight. what i do feel is when i wear regular underwear and they go up my butt – it’s more fabric. i prefer thongs.

…..don’t knock it till you’ve tried it…...

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Well a manthong can be enhanced but like with ladythongs its the reverse view that kills it.

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As a guy I wear a man’s thong and I love it. It’s very comfortable and I wish I would have started alot earlier in life. I am well over 40 but have a good body. I feel sexy when I wear it and that’s how I want to feel. My wife refuses to even try one but even at over 40 I find her beautiful and wish she would wear sexier clothing like a thong.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. There is no age limit to a gal wearing a thong a guy never should, and if so way out in the Ozarks alone, there is a weight limit. If you are 5ft 5in woman and tipping pass 135lb it starts to leave “thong zone” or if she is smaller than 98lb no butt or curves. If you can have a tight toned body at 48 to 53 and there are some out there like that, rare but out there then she can wear a thing without looking clownish. There are those who are 23, 5ft 6in and 231lb and would be dreck (dreadful train wreck) in a thong or bikini, tankini, or unitard for that matter. It is not age it is where size does matter.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Why should there be a weight limit? That’s kind of stupid. It’s like thinking back in a 50’s kind of mindset where you could be like ”(to a black child) there’s a limit on stuff you can do within society because you’re black, (to a white child) you have all the freedom to do what you want in society and are not restricted because you are white”
In today’s society the mindset is if you’re skinny and have an ”ideal” body, you can do what you want and wear what you want. I mean of course obesity is also a major problem in today’s society, but that’s not the point. The point is that weight should have NOTHING to do with wearing a thong. It’s an undergarment. Seriously. & it’s a woman’s choice. My philosophy is that if a woman isn’t showing their thong, they’re okay. So size does not matter!!

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@NuGoonie23 Why should there be a weight limit? If the thong has the risk of disappearing in rolls of fat or there is a mountain of cottage cheese distracting from it then it should be avoided no matter what the age.

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