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What Is Trolling?

Asked by cherryberry (294points) January 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times & I’m just curious.

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@ laureth
Thanks. That clears it up some.

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I still don’t really understand. It keeps coming up in other questions – like a joke I can’t get.

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this article in the NY Times magazine was very interesting/disturbing.

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Thanks kfingerman. That really was interesting/disturbing.

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@cherry At its core, trolling = bad behavior.

The problem is, one person’s idea of trolling might not be exactly the same as another’s….kinda like trying to define pornography.

There are some things that most everyone will agree is over the line…...but there is stuff that some will say is while others might say it isn’t…..

welcome to Fluther!

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On Q and A sites it is about “catching” people in one’s little outlandish scenarios. An example is a question a couple of weeks ago where the person said that “bellringers” gave him dirty looks when he didn’t make a contribution. Then s/he went on to say that s/he used to throw change on the ground and taunt the person who was collecting for a charity.

The idea was to see how many people one can get to answer the question. It is OK if the answer is a gentle explanation of why that is not good behavior, its better if there is scolding involved, but is Excellent if you can get an angry or outraged answer.

Sounds adolescent? Well that is because it is an adolescent game for the most part. Kids who can’t deal with adult emotions like to play with them. The really sad thing is the adults who continue with this behavior.

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Thanks Snoopy & Galileogirl. Now I’m getting it….

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An answer such as one found in this thread; totally inappropriate, designed to offend and raise anger or disgust.
Some people thrive on it.

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Thanks Bythebay I see what everyone is talking about now. I hate not knowing what is going on :)

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So its basically.. rude behavior?? Is that it?

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