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Where do people in the Boston area look for a job?

Asked by rollid (98points) January 4th, 2009

I currently live in Seattle and I might be moving to Boston in a month or so. I’ve been checking Craigslist for job opportunities, but there don’t seem to be nearly as many listed for the Boston area as there are for Seattle. Are there other job boards for the area? Or is the job market just not doing so hot?

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What field are you looking for? What’s your experience? How much do you expect to be paid? Can your present employer do some networking for you? Entry-level and low paying jobs are available anywhere.

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Hey there and welcome to Fluther. I’m from Boston, but (as gailcalled asked) – could use some details.

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I’m moving to the Boston area because I’ve been offered a job in publishing. My boyfriend is a CNA (certified nursing assistant) but he hates it and wants to find a job doing almost anything else while he takes classes and pretty much learns to be a web designer. In Seattle everyone looks for jobs on craigslist (by which I mean my boyfriend and I look for jobs on craigslist as do all of our friends) and I guess I was just wondering if there were other job boards for the Boston area. He was thinking of looking for work as a barista or an office assistant or something else that requires little training.

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A great pity about your boyfriend’s dislike of his CNA skills. Boston and environs are filled with some of the greatest hospitals in the world.

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Yeah, he’s willing to work as a CNA, we were just hoping we could look around and see if there were other options. What’s nice about CNA work is that you can pretty much do it anywhere. What are some of the best hospitals, gailcalled? It would be worth looking into.

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Partners Health care is the biggest.It includes Mass General

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Great Hospitals in the Boston area:

Mass. General Hospital
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Children’s Hospital
Boston Medical
And Many more…

Boston is the medical center of the world. Google it!

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Mt. Auburn, Newton-Wellesley, Children’s, Beth Israel-Deaconess,etc.

Also clinics and private work and visiting nurses ass’ns. All pay very well.

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Try calling/emailing temp agencies. There are many in the Boston-area. Some the jobs are temporary, but others are “temp-to-perm.”

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