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Space Heater vs. Radiator?

Asked by lily_kerrigan (1points) January 4th, 2009

What’s safer, healthier, more energy efficient?

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Space heaters certainly take up less space. I just love the feel of a radiator; it’s kind of nostalgic.

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I have both in one.

I have a portable, oil-filled radiator. It’s on wheels, made of metal. It has a two channel thermostat and is about 3 feet high. It is so powerful, it can heat my entire first floor (900 sq ft) when it’s on high for about two hours.

It is very safe as the oil is sealed inside. Even if it tips over. I have run it for days on end in the dead of Winter and not seen a significant increase in my electric bill (I shut it off at night).

I bought two of them at Target eight years ago and they’re still going strong. I wash them every season and they look like new.

I think I paid $50 each.

HERE’s a link for the current model at Target. $64.99 now.

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Not a portable one. I don’t like those——they are ugly.
Radiators are the better choice. Especially when you want to warm up your hands, so just touching them helps (but make sure not to burn yourself!).

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@90’s kid: Um….the “ugly” oil-filleds look exactly like radiators. Plus, to get radiators at all you must live in an older house that has radiators plumbed into it and connected to a boiler – not a choice everyone can make.
Space heaters are dangerous.
I vote with cprevite, as usual.
Right now, for example, I’m sitting in front of a large single-pane window. The outside temp is approximately freezing. Between my feet is the smallest available plug-in oil-filled, at the lowest-possible setting, warming the 200 s.f. room. My chronically chilly feet can cuddle up to it without burning.
It’s true that you can’t see a difference in your heat bill.
How come everyone doesn’t get these things?

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I was talking about the ones on the ground. But I guess what I said matches the bigger one more :S.

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I grew up with Kerosene heaters – my parents still use them. I hate them. They smell. Especially when they are running out of fuel. Every time we visit we have to wash everything and we stink. It is cheap, though.

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