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Since this massive price drop in gas, how much is it where you live?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1396points) January 4th, 2009

North San Antonio: $1.49
North Dallas: $1.33

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About two bucks a gallon. Northern Virginia, USA

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$1.49 in Boston.

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$1.90 in Connecticut

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Here in colorado springs, colorado its $1.30 / gallon.

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Was down to 1.35$ but now back up to 1.80$ in Indiana.

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That’s a big increase!

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$!.80 in my ‘hood. NYS has a big tax. Across the line in MA. it is 20 cents cheaper.

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I filled up yesterday at $1.899 per gallon in Michigan.

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@gail: How much is $!.00?

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WHERE did I put my computer glasses, anyway, or is that a piece of shredded ant?

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Nice save. :)

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$1.94 on Long Island.

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$0.759/litre ($2.87/US gallon). Was $1.499 ($5.67/US gallon) this summer. :oP

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It went down to 61.3 cents per litre around Christmas but it’s back up to 68 cents per litre. Over the summer it hit $1.36 per litre.

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1.31 but it looks like its going to start going up again soon. damn it…..

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Houston Tx, regular is $1.35

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$1.859 in Columbus, OH. It just went up about 20 cents which I am sure has something to do with the Gaza Strip…

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$1.70 buffalo, NY

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$1.65 Martinsburg, WV
10 cents cheaper in Frederick, MD

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It’s about 99.9c per litre here in Melbourne, Australia.. It way better than $1.60 per litre that it has been.. I still think we pay to much for it.. We have a tax on a tax how stupid is that??

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$1.79 in San Rafael, CA, just north of SF. (I sure appreciated filling my tank for $23 today.)

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$1.65 Gainesville, FL

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Albany, NY – got down as far as $1.63 a few weeks ago, but back up to $1.79 today.

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1.41 a gallon south Louisiana

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$1.59 today, up from $1.43 on Friday. Here in NE Texas. The Gaza Strip strikes, again!

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up to 1.45 now. :(

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Yeah it’s back up to 75 cents a litre now. I just bought $15 at 69 cents last night… should’ve gotten more.

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$1.55 in Tampa, FL

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What the hell, Spoke too soon,it went up 14 cents since yesterday.

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Ditto here; it is creeping up as I type.

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Yeah, now it’s $1.75

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I heard that in Venezuela, It is 12 cents!!

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It’s around 3.80 zlotych, which is some $1.30 I think. That’s per litre though, not gallon. So say around $5 per gallon?

still cheaper than Germany where I used to live before. It’s around $7 there.

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It’s so cheap in venezuela because many people live on under $36 a month, and very few people have cars.

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Florida, East Coast $2.30 ish

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sorry answered already

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Man I am getting ripped over here in Ohio. Gas is $2.89… damn

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