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What happens on a football kickoff if this occurs?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) January 4th, 2009

my son asked this: what if the kicker, on the kickoff, puts the ball through the goalposts as if it was a field goal?

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That’s what I figured but with so many odd rules embedded in the football arcana, like the quick kick and the tackle eligible, I couldn’t give him a definitive answer.


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Yes, Kevbo is correct unfortunately for the kicking team, you do not score three points… and I doubt any kicker actually has enough power in their leg to get it 70 yards… (they kick from the 40, and 10 for the endzone…) plus with the height of about 7.5 feet off the ground that would be about a 75 yard kick… off a tee.

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It would indeed be a touchback… but it would also be on every highlight reel in the country that night. :-)

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