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Is it cruel and unusual treatment to throw Milo outside for a few minutes when it is cold and the ground has 4"-6" snow?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) January 4th, 2009

He is such a lazy slug now. Temperature has been in high 20s but still pretty comfortable if sun is out. He finds the animal tracks interesting, for about thirty seconds.

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Does Milo think it is?

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Who is Milo? Your son? Yes, it’s not nice.

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For what purpose does a cat need to go outside against its will?

If it isn’t against his will, he will most assuredly let you know when his curiousity of the great outdoors is done….

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Don’t throw him, gail! Since Milo is an indoor/outdoor cat, shoo him out for a few minutes. He’ll let you know if he really wants to come in.

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Do you have clawmarks near your arms? If so, then it’s cruel!
If not, you’re prolly good :-)

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I don’t exactly throw him. More like a gentle encouragement. He certainly does let me know when he wants to come in. His front end is usually returning as his rear is exiting through the door——> ⋂

Occasionally he does prance around in the tracks that the deer left. And he enjoys standing smack in the middle of the opened door and breathing deeply and leisurely as all the heat escapes from my living room.

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If he knows when he’s done, and you aren’t literally throwing him (never thought you would), then no, it’s only cruel if you keep him out there when he wants to come back in…

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@gailcalled w/ dogs…they need to be “encouraged” sometimes. My dogs have always enjoyed the outdoors, but hate the rain. They beg to go outside….and sometimes have to be let outside just to be dribbled on….making the U turn.

All this to get them to stop begging to go out…..

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Maybe you could open a window for him for a small bit of time. He would probably enjoy the fresh air, and then you could moderate the cold air.

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@tiny (You don’t mind if I call you tiny?). Now that’s a good idea. I am slow-witted myself during the really cold weather.

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I believe in putting animals out in the real world. Cold or no cold. Just let him in when he wants to get back in.

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When I first read the question I though 20ºC and I thought that was fine until I put the pieces together. :)

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I can hardly drag my two big ole labs back in the house. We just had 15” of snow here in Seattle and they played all day long, running and rolling in it. My two cats you couldn’t get outside at gun point. I say just shoo Milo out, close the door, wait a minute or two and he may get used to it and actually wander around a little, then let him back in. I think MIlo needs some fresh air.

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He is probably stir crazy. Toss him out for a minute. My cats go inside and outside but if I open a window they think they are looking into a whole new world.

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Milo here: I have managed to wrap Gail in duct tape so I can have my turn. Susan, what a mean aunt you are becoming. And here I thought you were kind and loving.

MY first choice (not that anyone ever asks me) is a light snack and then a snooze on Gail’s red cashmere sweater, which she is stupid enough to leave out on the bed. I repeat that several times a day except when this rude woman scoops me up and encourages me to romp outside. How undignified and how damp, I think.

Excuse me. I have to investigate that moaning sound I hear.

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@Milo: I’m so sorry buddy. I’ll see if I can have a talk with Gail about all this. If she insists on kicking you out in the cold like, the least she can do is dress you properly with a coat a little kitty galoshes. Maybe even a little beanie to keep your noggin warm? Now go untie your Mom like a good boy…

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Coat? Galoshes? Beanie? Whose side are you on, Kyle? Milo signing off in a huff.

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I agree with you Milo. Just when they get all that stuff on you, then you have to go pee.

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Milo, what kind of cat are you?

You should be joyfully out in the snow chasing mice. I mean, why else would anyone keep you around? Hmmmm?

I mean, someone has to represent curmudgeons of the world, and why shouldn’t it be me?

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If you are worried about him going out, and he doesnt really want to anyway, maybe you could find an alternative way for him to get some exercise. I bought my cat a little remote control mouse that I can drive around and she chases it. I sprinkle a little cat nip on it otherwise she just watches it drive by.

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Woof, woof, woof; Sniff, sniff, snuffle. <lick,lick, wag.>


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…I love it here on Fluther (well, most of the time)

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Tuffin up boy, git on out there. Git, I say, git!

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Milo here again;I went out voluntarily this morning and needed not booties but ice skates. It was interesting. I got trapped in a world of either sheet ice or crusty snow and being extremely bored, wandered too far from the house to be able to return.

Luckily Gail has nothing better to do than sprinkle ashes on the rink driveway and so was able to rescue me. She did not fall and break a hip; that would have been amusing (for me, at least.) But I was able to track moisture and ashes on much of her pine floors. I enjoyed that. Now for a snack and a nap.

Drake; drop me a line sometime. We can compare notes on Knot vs. Gail. I congratulate you, however, on undermining the foundation of house, although I wish I had thought of it first. Love, Milo

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Careful gail. We’d rather Milo be fat and lazy then have something bad happen to you.

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