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Do you think there is Sex in heaven?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) January 4th, 2009

Well, I was just sitting around thinking about sex and then I wondered is there sex in heaven? So obviously we do not have the need to reproduce in heaven or the necessary equipment to do so. But it seems like if we are created in gods image, then there must be some kind of sexuality in heaven since we have sexuality naturally. Maybe just not as we think of it now. After all, god loves us? Someone could argue that those two examples imply something. So what do you guys think? Here is a link I found that had a really interesting arguement for sex in heaven.

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Hold on, let me go ask the man upstairs.

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Would it be heaven if there were not?

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Heh, I agree Drbill. that is one of my arguements for it, just trying to keep the question from being too long.

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Duh! What would heaven be without sex?!?! Angels bang all the time—they have crazy flying sex that we can’t have here on earth.

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Spiritual body won’t need desire same desires as earthly body, God is love that’s unconditional we won’t need anything else because God is All in All a spirit/soul will long for.

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Just in case there isn’t..I’m going to try to cram in as much of it as I can down here on Earth…:-)

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@seVen: God and I had crazy flying “love” one time (in a spiritual sense) and, surprisingly, his penis was really tiny and so I stopped calling him.

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Well of course there is sex in heaven or else men would be coming up with some sort of immortal pills!

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I don’t think there is a heaven. But if there was, I wouldn’t see why they’d restrict what you could do there.

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I’m going to say no, as I think it is impossible to perform a task in a place that doesn’t exist.

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If there isn’t I’ll take my chances in Hell.

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Déjà vu.

Just defending my turf.

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If there is a heaven I hope there is sex.

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Im Himmel gibt’s kein bier

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My experience is there is heaven in sex.

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If I got to heaven and there was no sex, I’d flip off St. Peter and march right on down to hell.

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There had better be! Otherwise I am NOT going.

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I SURE hope there is!!!!!!!

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When my mother was getting ready to die, we figured out the following:
When she gets to heaven it’s okay for her to go find my father, even though he’d
remarried and my stepmother was there too,
and it’s okay for her to go find my father, even though eventually my stepfather
will also be there;
in heaven everyone gets what they want; so even if my father’s heaven included
my stepmother but not my mother, my mother’s heaven might include my father
and maybe my stepfather too.

Whether all these people had sex would be up to them.

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@susanc…since you were a family at one time, they need to be back together. :-)

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tell me you have never wanted to fuck on a cloud? If god denies you that then he does not truly love his “children”...

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According to the radical islam terrorists, yes.

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I would have to agree with seVen on this one.

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If there is no sex in Heaven then the terrorists will have truly won.

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@AstroChuck: Do you ever give a non-hilarious answer?

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Sure I do.
Seriously, sex is overrated, don’t you think?

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Sure it is.
Example- My wife usually gives me a rating of 6.0 when I know that my performance seldom warrents more than a 3.5.

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See….you don’t have to work as hard as you thought. ;-)

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In Matthew 22:30, Jesus taught that “in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” Many take this to mean that there is no sex in heaven, and some go even further and interpret it as meaning that there is no gender in heaven. So from a generic Christian point of view, it depends on interpretation.

Mormons believe that gods (ie human being who make it to the highest level of heaven) spend eternity raising “spiritual children.” Though it is never explicitly stated that the gods create children by having sex, it is thought that since man is created in God’s image, that this is probably the way it works in heaven also. Mormons get around Matthew 22:30 by their belief that some people will become angels while others will become gods. So from the Mormon point of view, I would say that it depends on how closely you follow the teachings.

Tantric Buddhists consider sexual union the ultimate expression of identity- wherein the energy of the cosmos is taken in, recirculated, magnified, and released back into the universe. Although the concept of heaven is tenuous at best in Buddhism, one could discuss a Nirvana-like state of being with a partner where sexual union occurs. So from the Tantric point of view, I would say absolutely.

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Way to take the fun out of this question.

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No AC, I always thought there was more sex in heaven because we weren’t constrained by marriage. It’s all how you interpret the Bible-keep a good thought!

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@derekpcollins: You are going to Hell for sure now.

@susanc: Susan, how many versions of heaven do you think there are? No really, it’s a question that I have thought of many times. How will all that work?

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@AstroChuck: Sex, overrated? Rarely. Here I cite the “sex-pizza” comparison… “sex is like pizza; when it’s good, it’s really good, and when it’s bad… it’s still pretty good,”

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Way to ruin my joke.

BTW, I plan to have “Me like sex” put on my tombstone.

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@AstroChuck: I did pick up what you were putting down with the word play… but I really like sex and I really like pizza :D

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Me too. Just not at the same time.

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Pizza AFTER sex though…

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Then more sex after pizza. Gotcha.
Sometimes, even with another person.

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Haha, just make sure you wait a little while for the post-pizza sex… could get messy otherwise!

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If heaven is run by Republicans, there may be sex with underage and unwilling subjects.

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I’ve heard of there being sex in astral projection, so it makes me think the spirit might have interests in sex still, even outside of a physical body. Crazy as that sounds!

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Hmmm, this is actually a pretty good question…

Well, i guess it depends from person to person.

Heaven should be whatever you want it to be. And i’m not talking only about christians. What about the muslims? If i’m right, they’re said to be waited by 72 virgins in their heaven… so sex might be something suggested.

As for me, i’m always asking myself: If I would be an allpowerfull beeing, wouldn’t i want (at least once) to try having sex or at least something that resembles sex?

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I’ve always wondered about the 72 virgins. Since the % of male and female children is so close and when Muslim men can marry more than one women resulting in fewer virgins, mathematically can someone explain how there will be enough virgins to go round. Will nonMuslim virgins be pressed into action. Most virgins are in that condition because they are too young or too unwilling, aren’t there issues of consent to be dealt with? Am I overthinking this?

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I’d consider Islam if I could get eighty virgins, but only 72?

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Somebody’s eyes are bigger than his _______!

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@galileogirl : indeed! And that may be as close as most of us get, so enjoy it while you can!

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Okay, The Bible states that you must marry to have sex. But let’s analyze this. When you marry, you are supposed to have sex only for reproduction. When you do it for recreation, isn’t that murder? Now, why do you think God would allow murder in Heaven? Hmmmm… I think not.


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WTF? How do you figure that?I have sex with my wife and we’re committing murder? Your logic is really fucked up.

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@AstroChuck Seliz is quoting religious doctrine which has NOTHING to do with logic.

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@sellz So, in heaven, would you eat meat?

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What doctrine proclaims sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy as murder? My wife can’t have children. Does that mean we are committing murder everytime we make love?
If that’s the case then I feel like killing right now.

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And of course old age an

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never mind-wrong button

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galileogirl. Food is used to keep the body alive. I wont go into depth with this answer. I’ll just say I’ll find out when i get there. Right now, I have to stay focused on fighting for my country. May God bless you all.

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