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Does it mean something serious if you have green poop?

Asked by ava (977points) September 17th, 2007

Not that I have it or anything…just wondering. Uh, my friend has it…yeah my friend.

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Have you eaten a lot of green vegetables lately? Sometimes green poop is just green from a lot of chlorophyll. OMG, I just googled “feces green,” and not only did it come up as one of those (I don’t know the correct term) pre-stored keyword searches, but it got almost 1.5 million hits. Evidently, it can be a serious health issue, and your “friend” is not alone. Try a google search. I’m also nominating this for “best question.”

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Never mind. It just occurred to me you might not want to draw that much attention to your friend.

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1) benign result from recent diet. When one does an occult stool sample, which tests for blood in stool, there are dietary restrictions for three days before; like beets, spinach, canteloupe, red meat, horse radish, iron supps.vit. D, aspirin and NSAIDS,and some others I can’t remember…

2) Serious issue of blood in stool (intestinal bleeding). If it happens more than a day or so, have yr “friend”” see a Dr.

3) Google occult stool tests for reliable info (Mayo clinic, ect.) There are now apparently tests available from pharmacy rather than a Dr. Dr’s kit that requires some nose-holding poking around in toilet w. a clean wooden stick…or if you have two-yr old at home, he might enjoy doing it.

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i remember (vividly) very green poop when we were kids – my whole family that is – and after a few occasions we realized it was from those space food ice cream bars. remember those? that stuff that was all dried out? so maybe there’s an ingredient in that that’s also in something you ate….. ? i know this is random, but i couldn’t resist mentioning it. =)

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Would that make it space poop?

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Did you eat any green corn recently?

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I had ultra bright green poop recently, and was some freaked out about it, too. I checked on line and after some searching discovered that some brands of Kool Aid and similar drinks have so much blue coloring in them that the blue dye interacts with the yellow bile in your poop, that it turns the poo BRIGHT GREEN. Licorice can do it, too. Artificial licorice has a ton of dark blue dye to turn it almost black. At the time I read this, I was eating my way through two pounds of black twizzlers and drinking generic powdered diet grape drink from WalMart. really. I started out scared, thought I had some rare disease, and laughed myself right off my chair. I mean, I was washing down blue dye with blue dye, and didn’t even know it. Check it out- get a big pack of black twizzlers, and at Walmart, in the powdered drink section where they have Crystal Light, there is a brand of generic drink powders (Great Value Brand) that come in cylinders like Crystal light- with little cups inside. Make a half gallon, and drink a quart or so while you eat a pound of licoice sticks. Amaze your friends. By the way, the cranberry GV drink and grape mixed together are quite tasty, and 60 cents per gallon. Not too shabby, for those of us on a diet and a budget. Just remember, they have enough food dye in them to dye Easter eggs.

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@davidebert:Maybe you need a few more hobbies, exercise or perhaps volunteer jobs.:-)

Artificial licuorice, powered diet grape drink, Crystal light – all the basic food types except nicotine, caffeine and lard.

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