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New iPhone ringtones suck, I want my music as ringtones not apples crapy ringtones you have to pay for. Is there a way?

Asked by NYChris (26points) September 18th, 2007 from iPhone
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At this point it’s really a tough question. There are a few software hacks out that will allow you to create a ringtone using any mp3. The problem is that Apple doesn’t seem to like this and has released a second update to iTunes (second one within 10 days) who’s primary purpose is to block custom free ringtones from working with the iPhone. The question with the free ringtones will always be… “will they work with the next iTunes or iPhone update?”

At this point your best bet is to play nice and create ringtones the legit way by paying $1.98 on iTunes. We can only hope that hackers will wear down Apple and eventually allow us to use our own music as a ringtone (go figure)

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I don’t ever see apple letting you do that for free. It’s a source of revenue, and they’re not gonna just say “Okay here you go, make all your music into ringtones”

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You can use iToner to use your own files as ringtones. That’s the only way to do it at the moment, as Apple has been breaking the other methods. iToner might break, too, at some point.

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Apple is in the business to make money, but yeah – I do think they should allow one to make tones from our ripped CDs at least for the 99 cent charge. Why should I have to pay 2x for a song?

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I don’t know if I completely understand your question. What is it that’s makes them “suck”? You pick the part of the song that you picked to download. So are you downloading music that you do not like?

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@cwinesette: I think the question asker would rather use his own songs as ringtones for free, rather than being required to buy them as ringtones. Using a song you own as a ringtone doesn’t violate copyright law; Apple’s only reason to prevent such action is that they want to make money and stay in the record companies’ good graces.

There’s also a limited selection of ringtones available on iTunes.

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iToner. It works great.

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Try - you can download ringtones that folks have created from YouTube videos and Mp3 files. You can also upload a YouTube URL or your own MP3 and start creating your own free ringtone.

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