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Anyone else start up a 365 day photo challenge this week?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) January 5th, 2009

Or plan on doing it otherwise or have given it a thought?

Just curious, I started doing it on new years day, and so far it’s getting me back to my imagination and proper way of thinking and seeing nature.

I have been posting my results on twitter, for those curious, you can follow me: Nuse

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I was considering taking a new picture of Bob the Robot for every day of the year. The only problem was that I’m bi-located and he’s really too big to always have in my purse. Though I might revisit the idea purely for the awesome of always having him in my purse.

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I live 1000 miles away from my daughter who just had her first child in August. I bought her a camera and told her I expect a daily picture of my new grandson, so I don’t miss out on too much. She’s doing a pretty good job so far, and is posting both pics and videos in her blog to share with others as well.

You’re doing a great job with yours BTW. The honey bun made me hungry!!

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This seems like a neat idea, I remember seeing some people do the 365 photo challenge on flickr. I think I want in on this… I am wondering if there is usually a theme for this, or do people usually just take photos of random things. I wouldn’t want it to become something dull.. or even start feeling non creative and routine like.. which probably will, being everyday and especially going back to school and work, and being very busy.
Last semester, I took an illustration class and one of our assignments throughout the semester was to draw an illustration/drawing a day (weekdays only) making a total of 75 drawings that we had to turn in at the end of the semester. Even that started becoming tough for me. But this seems like a fun challenge. Thanks for the idea. :]

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I love this idea! Maybe I can start today and I’ll just be short a few.

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@ wondersteph, do you have a flickr account that you will be posting your 365 day photo project?

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Sooooo you just take 1 picture everyday of anything?

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@ uberbatman, I guess that is up to each individual, as long as you take one a day. I think maybe having categories, or themes may spice things up.
I recently saw this person's 365 day project and found it really interesting to look at.

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@millastrellas, no, i don’t, but i think i’ll get on that!
i’ll post my link when i get it!

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@millastrellas thanks for that link, they were pretty awesome pictures.

I think i may do this “challenge” good thing ive taken pictures everyday this week so far :P. Ill post my flickr account when i make one.

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Awesome. I added you as a contact. I’ll start mine once i get off work.
(btw, i have the same SN on flickr too.)

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hah, Rosie Hardy, she’s amazing [and freakin gorgeous!] (and so is her boyfriend Aaron Nacer)

I don’t have a flickr :(

I read somewhere you have to pay or something like that but then I heard someone else say that’s only for pro but I don’t know what that means lol so…

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It is free to sign up, and if yo have a yahoo mail account, you can just use that login to sign in. I am a Pro account member, meaning to are able to upload more photos and have more sets (meaning more folders to organize your photos.)
I was just talking to one of my friends about it last night and convinced him to sign up for a pro account. It is about $25 for a year. Was worth it to me. :)

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probably I can’t.. ‘cause I’m too busy with college.. :)

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I need to get the ball rollin! I have not started yet!

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Nope just too busy.

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blah…I’m really falling down on this already! I don’t have internet at home right now, so it’s hard!

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I haven’t even started! :/
If I don’t start by the tenth, I don’t think I will be doing it. eh.

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this is going to get really hard for me now that i’m back down at school, gonna run out of .. good stuff to take pictures of!

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Take a picture of yourself, your desk, your room, something personal. It may not be as fun for others to watch but it’s interesting to look back and see how those everyday things change as your priorities do.

Even a photo of a section of your street or a place on campus can be interesting when you look back, all the small changes we don’t notice from day to day really stand out when you have a solid reference.

Just an idea of an easy option, better than letting it die! ;)

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@funkdaddy, Very good suggestion. I know when I look back at my photos, it’s the photos of little simple things in my past that I enjoyed looking at the most, not the ones that were well thought of compositionally, or aesthetically. Good plan. :)

BTW, did you start a 365 project?

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I think i might just do this… what a wicked idea… where did it come from?

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many people have been doing it on flickr, or just in general. :]

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cant be bothered doing this right now, takes time away from the goal

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@toolo… and what goal is that exactly?

the reason people do it is because they have different goals, for me it’s to challenge myself and thinking differently about how i perceive something, also to remind me what i did for a year.

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oh i agree xcnuse, i think it sheds light on a subject looked at 365 different ways.

i just get sick of flickr 365 with people taking pictures of themselves

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ah, yea sometimes it’s a serious challenge though, there have been days that i’ve woken up and i just straight up don’t want to take a picture.

I was actually talking to my former english proffessor one day when i was out taking pictures i caught up with her and she said she had actually done something similar where she would write a short poem a day for a year

as for the people one, did you hear about that one girl that has decided instead to make a new picture each day she wears something different.. for a solid year? Yea.. nice try, i don’t think I’ll ever have enough clothes even to mix and match for a month haha

I’ve taken a few pictures of myself with my project, the first one of myself the Sleepless nights ( that’s the first picture I had taken of myself.. ever really

I can understand the people that do themselves each day but I totally agree after a while it gets totally boring, go find something else to shoot while you’re at it!

I mean don’t get me wrong, some people have amazing 365s when it’s mostly just them (katie lee in particular: She has some amazing shots of herself that.. aren’t totally focused on her face/herself but have a good deeper meaning than oh hey i’m tired today so .. i’m going to look tired in my picture

but yea, no I totally understand what you mean, I guess if that’s what some people want to do, go for it but I will say it is .. not easy at all to make it not boring after a week or so.

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there are groups doing this on flickr

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