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Are tasers ethical?

Asked by Poser (7808points) September 18th, 2007

Should police carry them? What should be the guidelines? When, and on whom should they be used?

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I couldn’t possibly answer this briefly. I will say they provide a valuable alternative to handguns or chemical devices. Physical means can be dangerous, as it is a lot harder to cuff a resister than most people think, and the scuffling around can unintentionally result in serious injury or death.

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Ethical? Perhaps not. Occasionally necessary? I believe so….as Hossman said, it’s better than the alternative.

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Go buy a taser, and when someone breaks into your house, then use it on them. I’m sure ethics won’t come in to play when protecting your family.

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… and don’t forget to lay the smack down afterwards.

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Hey, you laugh, but a friend of our family named Henrietta (one very large woman) would only cook with cast iron. When her son was three, her husband came home at 10 a.m. to announce to her she was fat and ugly, he’d been out drinking and fooling around, he’d spent that week’s paycheck, and she just better make his breakfast and shut up about it.

She made his breakfast and shut up about it.

The moron should have recognized the danger and headed for the hills. Instead, he went to sleep. And woke up being beat with a cast iron frying pan. She dragged his butt out of their apartment, down 2 flights of stairs and into the street and continued to beat him. Neighbors called an ambulance, he went to the hospital, and never came back to the neighborhood, nobody knew where he went (we were told this by the neighbors, Henrietta never talked about it), and they never heard from him again.

Of course wrong, but I understand it. And nobody ever, ever messed with Henrietta. Of course, that would have been in the ‘50s. Today, she probably would have been arrested.

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Think of this… the laser beam on the front of the tazer works like a dream. 99% of the time a tazer is brandished it never has to be used.


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Also, get tazed yourself… you will be amazed that the pain you feel is the most intense pain you may ever feel, but once i is over, it is over… you are back to normal. So that is why I believe it is ethical. If it left you seriously disturbed afterward or permanently damaged in some sort of way… not ethical… but it really does not and has never been linked to causing any deaths.
By the way your bowls don’t let go when you get tazed. (that is a myth. your muscles and nerves seize so there is no way your bodily functions can act through that…)

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@margeryred Your assessment that there have been no deaths from tasers is not entirely accurate. Just search for ‘taser death’ on google and you’ll find plenty of hits.

Taser proponents argue that it was not entirely the taser’s fault and that there were other externalities that caused the death. But the low down of it is, were the taser not used, the death would have been avoided.

Remember that your heart uses electrical signals to keep it beating accurately. The human body can withstand a lot of shock and get back into rhythm fairly well. But not everyone’s body is made the same and people with heart problems are much more likely to run into cardiac distress with taser use.

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