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Do you believe in ghosts?

Asked by May2689 (1291points) January 5th, 2009

My family, friends, etc do not believe in ghosts. However, I saw one!!!!! I am 100% sure I did and no one believes me!! What are your opinions about ghosts?

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I believe in fallen angels(demons) who masquerade as departed spirits of loved ones and friends to deceive the masses that there’s no heaven or hell, so that there’s no consequence for sins.

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

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No. Not at all, not in any form or by any name.

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Nope. Typically explained by wishful thinking or mistaken perceptions.

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More Fluther responses here.

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Yes, I do. I don’t believe in god though so some people tell me I’m contradicting myself. I don’t think one has anything to do with the other.

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I’m with seVen, though I do believe in pure hauntings of the sort where the same thing (image/sound/movement) happens over and over again, like a tape recording and without regard for any type of audience. But any “ghost” that exerts its will, I believe is a demon out to confuse.

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No, not really.

But I’d like to be proven wrong for the sheer amazement of it.

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Its funny, I’ve had many odd encounters my whole life. all vaugely explainable by science I’m sure; but purely because I can, I still state they were Ghosts :) My dads house has this man that died in it years ago and he watchs over my sisters we’ve all seen him at some point, and my step mom swares he took her picture once while coming up the stairs and lots of other odd things – so to answer the question 100% yes. I think they are just lost souls with unfinished business or just very intent on staying where they are. thank god theres no ghosts in this house.

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No no no no no.

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Not particularly. I still go on ghost tours though. :)

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Tell us more about your ghost story? I’m interested.

No, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m open if anyone would like to impress me. Particularly a ghost.

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No, I don’t believe in ghosts.

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Well… I was going down the stairs in my house, and just for a second I looked back and I saw this girl in a pink robe, with short black hair, about seven or eight years old. I closed my eyes and opened them again, and she was gone! So I thought it was just my imagination right? However, later that month my dad asked if one of my cousins (they are about 7 years old) stayed over that night. My mom said no, so my dad was all freaked out because he said that last night he had seen a little girl running through the hallway, and when we asked him what did she look like, he described it exactly the same way I saw her!! And the weirdest thing is that I didnt tell anyone about the girl I saw at the time that I saw her… it really freaked us all out!!!!

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Yes, I do. Whatever they are or aren’t. I’ve had, literally, countless experiences throughout my life. I don’t talk about one of them in particular, because I know I’d seem insane to non-believers.

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Tell me!! I would love to know!!!!

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Eyes can be deceived?

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I don’t believe in ghosts. I haven’t seen enough evidence.

I think some people want to believe in them very badly, though, and will see evidence of ghosts where some other explanation is probably more warranted. Very similar to how I feel about UFOs or God, actually. “Ghosts” are a convenient way to explain the unexplainable, too, which always seemed like it required a lot of manipulation of facts to make it sound anything like logical.

What’s especially interesting to me is that the idea of ghosts seems like a superstitious way to explain something that required a lot of belief based on little fact, and now seVen has put forth (what appears to me to be) another supernatural explanation for a supernatural explanation that requires even more belief about even less fact, and far more mental gymnastics to justify than just plain believing in ghosts would require. (Everyone is free to believe in what they want, btw.) I’m not attacking the person or the idea, it’s just as odd to me as seeing a man dressed up like a woman dressed up like a man. It’s a perplexing thought-exercise for me.

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I have always believed they existed, but always thought that they were probably in purgatory. Though, seVen, you made me think about your response.. and it also seems probable to me. I have never seen anything myself, but in an older house I grew up in, my three younger sisters all had stories of encounters or odd things happening. Freaky stuff. And now the residents of our old house tell us about their creepy encounters.

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Even being a believer (in whatever “ghosts” may be), I agree very much with what laureth said. I think that people definitely believe far too easily, when there are logical explanations. That said, however, I do not believe anything could explain a particular experience I had. At least for now.

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I’ve seen a ghost. They’re real.

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Maybe there is some kind of energy stored in a place. For example if you step in a house where something horrible happened, you could feel the energy there and tell right away that there is.. something mean. And maybe ghosts are the physical form of that energy.. dont you think? It is a really weird explanation, but I think it makes sense

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Tell me about your ghost story loser

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I don’t- but I love the show “Ghost Hunters;” all the screaming and yelling and running around is completely hilarious to me. My new year’s resolution: Film and post a ghost hunters spoof; if I can keep from laughing through the whole thing. Holy crap. It will be done.

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I do, I do, I do…

I am lucky enough to live with one. We were together for 14 years, she died in my arms as I brushed her hair back, and although I have moved three times, she still comes to visit.

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My stepmom talks to her dead dog all the time. She told me the other day how she had a picnic with him. I think she’s just as sane as everyone who believes in ghosts.

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i believe it’s possible. i have no personal experiences but i feel never say never. who knows? maybe…..

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I think that the idea of a “ghost” is an oversimplification of some phenomena that is much more complex than anything we currently understand. If that makes any sense.

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