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Does cell phone use cause acne or other illnesses/conditions?

Asked by hossman (3261points) September 18th, 2007

I ran across this article:

It’s scary they say your cell phone has more nasties than your toilet seat. I’ve always wondered about all the proliferating radiation from monitors, cellphones, ipods, handheld video games, etc.

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Use a headset

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I read in ‘Computer Idee’ (dutch computer-magazine) that your cellphone is transmitting IR-signals all the time, so also when you have your phone on your ear. Some of these signals may penentrate into your head, but if you don’t spend hours of calling with your cell phone, it doesn’t do any damage.

I wonder about the iPhone proximity-sensor tough, because it works with IR aswell…

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I teach biology and we did a lab where we swabbed different things with q-tips and saw how much bacteria would grow from them on an Agar plate over a week. The most (quantity & variety of) bacteria definitely came from cell phones & computer keyboards. (Sinks & toilets are actually pretty clean. I guess because they get cleaned a lot.)

I try to wipe my cell phone down with an alcohol pad every so often. I think you can get acne from your phone for sure, especially if you do a lot of hands-free “phone squeezed between shoulder and face” talking like I do.

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