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1 Year Present?

Asked by Bowman4864 (13points) January 5th, 2009

Ive been with my girlfriend for about eight months now and so far i have dominated in the gift department. However, our one year is the next big gift event, and i have no clue what to get her. Any suggestions?

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How old are you, what’s your budget, and what’s she into?

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Paper is the tradition.

Depending how romantic you two are, I wrote my love a poem for our 1st

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Im only 17 and i don’t have that tight a budget.

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Oh and shes realllly into dance.

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What kind of dance does she like? You could get her a book about the history of it or something to that effect.

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Shes been dancin for like 15 years and she does all kinds of dance. For her birthday i took her to a live show of “Americas Best Dance Crew” in Boston and i kinda wanted to either top or match that for our one year.

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Oh, damn, that is hard to top. What about taking her to a concert? It’s not necessarily dance related, but you could probably find something now and get a good price on tickets.

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Make her a memory book of your time together. Title it Our First Year (or something like that that has meaning for you too). Put photographs or other souvenirs in it. Jot little romantic things next to them. For example, “It was your smile that first made me love you.” next to a picture of her.

I am only giving you the bones. Do it in a way that would be personal for you two. Maybe something referencing her dancing.

She will treasure it more than any expensive store-bought gift.

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EXCELLENT IDEA! Thank you Marina!

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I think im gonna do that and a concert or something, or would that take away from the sentimental gift?

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@Bowman4864 No, I think both is great if you can swing it. She’s a lucky girl.

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Not at all. You could put the tickets in the scrapbook in a creative way. You could put a page at the end that says something like “Our first concert” or something like that with room for a few pictures and the tickets tucked in between the pages.

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Another possible suggestion would be maybe dance lessons (for the two of you… but so that you can learn mainly). Then, the two of you could go to a salsa club or another venue and use your skills together. It’s always nice when a guy shows that he too is interested in his so’s interests and tries to be a part of them. Just an additional idea! ;) Good luck!

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What kind of dance? I’m thinking a necklace with ballet slippers?
How about a music box with a dancer? Check out this website with music boxes of ballerinas and from Broadway musicals. You may even be able to engrave it. Any girl who’s into drama and dance would cry if you had Phantom “Think of Me” playing in her heart!

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Creative but time consuming; a promise ring.

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You don’t have to compete with yourself and top yourself all the time. Presents will get increasingly harder to pick and you’re just spoiling her. But try and make it special by giving her something from your heart, not necessarily something that cost more. It could be simply a nice romantic dinner together, making her feel special, telling her how you feel about her, something like that. If you’re any good at singing you could serenade her for example. Or write her a poem if you can.

Just do whatever you’re good at (as long as you’re not good at kick-boxing or something).

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Looks like you have some good ideas.

My suggestion for a great gift would be to find out what her love language is. This concept rocked my world and changed how I approach my closest relationships. The idea is to love people in the way that THEY want to be loved, not just in the way that comes most naturally to me. You can check out the book, The Five Love Languages, or take a quick test at the author’s website.

My guess is that your love language might be gifts, but my experience is that most people rank gifts last. Might want to check that out with your lady!

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Watch the movie “phenomenon”, then go out and buy her chairs.

This will make sense if you have seen the movie.

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My love language is “words of affirmation.” that’s why I get all warm and fuzzy when I get lurve!

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I sure do appreciate you, Judi! You are such a wonderful contribution to the community.

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gee thanks trusting!

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