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Have you ever seen a Black and Tan Lab?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) January 5th, 2009

I didn’t think they existed but apparently they exist.

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For those of us that wanted a picture.

I’ve smoked a Black and Tan (extremely cheap rot gut cigar) but I’ve never seen a black and tan lab.

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Interesting. I had never seen one before.

Ya learn something new every day!

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I’d never heard of them until the other day when I saw an ad for a litter in the local paper. I laughed because they listed the Labs as purebred, but then said their coloring was black and tan. Apparently, though, it does happen… hmpf. I also saw a lab listed as “silver with tan markings”. Thought that was a bit interesting. Who knows now with people listing puppy litters as “purebred Puggles” and the such.

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A friend of mine has one. He’s adorable.

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I have not seen one and known it, however they are suppose to be great dogs, and fantastic hunting companions from what I understand.

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Never seen one in person and if I had, definitely wouldn’t have recognized it as a Lab. But apparently both of the parents have to carry the specific gene for them to get that coloring. I looked them up and they’re adorable.

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I have seen only one before.

Even more rare is the Labrador Dudley.

It is a yellow lab with a yellow nose and yellow eyes. I had one for twelve years, she had two litters and the pups were all black.

I’ll post a picture of her, if I can figure out how

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I have, but I show dogs, so rare varieties are par for the course there.

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YES! I saw two of these handsome devils walking around the lake this weekend!

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A Labrador Dudley for clickies.

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Awww he wooks so sad… “Where are pigments?”

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