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What can I do to make money to buy a new Macbook Pro.

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) September 18th, 2007

Sadly, I can’t work, because I have school and I’m only 13 years old.

Maybe there is something on the net to make money for teenagers?

Greetings Davey.

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heres a bunch of idead:
1.create an awesome site – put ads in it – use the ad revenue to pay for it (although most advertisers require you to fill a tax form there are some some like cubics that dont)
2. start serious blogging until the point that you are really famous and then ask sponosrs to buy you a macbook in return for ad stickers on your macbook ( a friend of mine actually did this)

btw i think you should wait a few years before getting a mac pro – and dont you have a vista vista with 2gbs ram? – you should be happy with that – heck i still have a dell inspiron with only 256mb of ram

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Vista sucks. If I could put Mac OSX on this machine however…

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But I heard it’s illegal.

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its illegal but you can still do it – its illegal to download music illegally but millions of people do it anyway. But even if you do install mac on a pc, its really hard to find the right drivers (especiallly wifi drivers) and i have heard some really bad stories about sluggish performace when you try to do so

i understand your pain with vista – why not downgrade to xp (which is faster and better in my opinion) ?

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Well, my dad doesn’t know that I want a Macbook Pro, but the reason I bought this laptop was because of Vista, but if I downgrade, my dad goes mad because actually I didn’t had to buy this notebook if I knew Vista sucked, so I want to switch to a Mac.

I don’t know if you read my question “Should I, in my situation, switch to a Mac?” but one of the reasons (also in that discussion) was that it’s ready-to-go out of the box, and that I’m sick and tired of error’s and driver issues. :-)

So, long story short: I want a Mac. ;-)

P.S. Do you use a Mac, mirza, or maybe Linux? Just curious…

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Can you do odd jobs for your neighbors, as kids in the US do? Baby sit, mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow (does it snow where you are?), wash windows, run errands, etc. Small change can add up.. Can you sell your laptop?

And for the record, I LOVE my Mac OS. I learned when a relatively aged person (w. no intuitive experience) and it was so much easier than the classes I took on the PC.

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@gailcalled : why is mowing the lawn or raking leaves considered an odd job?

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You’re right. It is a curious idiom. Will check it out when I have time. One would never say an even job. So, how DO idioms develop?

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sell your computer you’ve got at the moment. Then do a paper round or sell some old stuff. U could even do a lemonade stand etc…..
hope this helps

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I’m not very keen on selling my used stuff, but thanks for the suggestion.
(sorry for the above response, testing Safari for Windows, it doesn’t accept an apostrophe, like in I’m)

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Get in a band and do some gigs. Or teach other people how to use computers for money.

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