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What do you think it is about your personality that makes you drawn to Fluther?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) January 5th, 2009

You know how some personalities are more likely to become drug addicts? Kind of like that. But minus the whole prostitution-to-support-your-habit thing.
Yay for cost -effective addictions!

Some people are lame just aren’t that interested.
Some people are curious, try it once and walk away.
While others just can’t seem to get enough.

Obvious Reason #1: Keen appreciation for awesomeness.
But what else?

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My philosophical nature definitely draws me to the site. I’ve been a very curious, extremely observant person ever since I was a baby. I always want to question and find answers to everything. I can not turn my brain off and this kind of site is good for a person who has a constantly running motor. Or not… Because sometimes I stay on here far too long.

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I love to learn, have a thirst for knowledge. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve decided not to let my schooling get in the way of my education. I am getting a lot of my education here.

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I like to ask questions.
I like to disagree with people.
I like to agree with people.
I like to learn.
Everyone on Fluther is just awesome.

Fluther rocks my socks.

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I have fluther receptors on my synapses.

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All questions need answers?

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I’m loneleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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There’s also this set of answers.

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I’m a spaz, and constantly need to be overloaded with information…?

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I don’t know exactly why, but I felt at home here instantly, in a way I’ve rarely experienced IRL. Like I had finally stumbled upon my people.

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@augustlan, Agreed, especially in the chatroom.

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I’m with Aug. :)

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Basically, I’m a very giving person and I want to share my charm with all the world. That’s quite a heady goal, I know, so I’m starting with all of you.

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You’re welcome.

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My aversion to people draws me to fluther. I have the choice and the power here to say what I feel and to listen to others, without the hassle of
wading through shit to get to the gems.

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anonymous way of expressing yourself.

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I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge with others who want and need it. It’s a means of communication at all hours (I have a very strange sleep cycle…) and it’s a quick way to get my thoughts out. Fluther’s topics are pretty relevant to my interest, and I can get a quick response if I need it. I’m a pretty social person, and fluther is a great community for a social exchange of knowledge.

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@AC- Are you this funny in person?

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For me the questions come second, the people come first. I like the people here and I’ve made friends with quite a few of them. Some better than others, but that happens everywhere. I’m addicted to people.

P.S. – I see Pete crafting a response. He and I are also on a secret mathematical mission..

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I get attached to websites pretty easily. I honestly didn’t expect to last so long on here. Maybe it was my desire to surpass my own expectations that made me stick it out.

Mostly, it was the respect and friendship I received from Flutherites that have kept me here. The questions are good and interesting, but (like Allie), I care more about the people on here. I enjoy getting feedback on my questions and answers. I like to express myself and have my words read. I enjoy feeling like a part of a larger community.

I’m a quiet attention-seeker. Fluther works for me.

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I am active on a similar site and traffic got slow there. About that time someone recommended this site. I came, liked what I found, made some fluther friends and now it is a favorite passtime.
Thanks for having me.

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i think its the fact that there are so many knowledgeable people here on Fluther. Ive learned so much from gailcalled, perchik, riser, augustian, amongst others. I look forward to the witty remark they come up with next, or what moronic question we’ll roll our eyes at like saying ”here we go again

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Actually, I was lying. I rescind my earlier response.
I stick around solely for AstroChuck’s Great Charm.

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@shadling21: I’m with you. He’s one charming fella!

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AstroChuck is certainly one of my favorite parts of fluther, I think because one of the first things I got involved in was the song title game…

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Definitely the people.

The Q&As are great and I love learning new things – but the interactions are what makes it for me.

There just isn’t this many interesting people in real life.

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I pretty much agree with all your responses. I am a newbie, and I have become addicted in the short time here. I also get addicted to websites or blogs that are smart, witty, funny, entertaining, and interesting with different points of views where I always learn something new. I also love being able to get feedback on anything or give my feedback to hopefully help someone out. It is a great feeling and I love being on here in what little time I have so far. :)

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I was excited to read responses to this question, because I’ve wondered many times who amongst my friends might be interested in Fluther. I’ve shared it many times, and have had only a few nibbles, and no sustained interest. WTF?

My thirst is not quenched. I would LOVE it if someone would take a stab at talking about how they share Fluther.

You know what… I’m going to ask it as a separate question right now. Ok… done. Here is the link to that new question.

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Where else can you pretend to be smart and have people actually be interested?

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A lack of intelligent, culturally diverse, witty, experienced individuals locally and a willingness to listen to the opinions expressed by these people. An understanding that I don’t know everything about everything… or much about much in fact, sadly but a desire to broaden my knowledge and improve myself as well as an interest in testing my theories on life out with others.

The people here are really the primary pull. Oh, and being a high score freak, lurve definitely increases the attraction or will, in time, once I have some!

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I’m curious. That’s it.

Actually, when Ben thought of the original idea it was mimicing what it was like working in the lab at Brown where everyone would help each other out.

Once we started working on it, though, it became something else.

I had a great experience a long time ago when I was a part of an early MMORPG, where a bunch of us would hang around in the newbie channel and help people who were new to the game—which was fundamental to the way I’ve attempted to create the culture here.

Maybe I should do a blog post about the inspirations behind the way we’ve set up the community.

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TL: Yes! I’ve shown it to two people who were mildly curious, but not immediately drawn into it like I was. Made me wonder about what types of people are drawn to it, what types of people who aren’t, how the two differ and all of the grey area inbetween.

Don Andrew: That’s a good idea! I remember reading a bit about mimicking the lab environment in an article somewhere. I think in the Brown interview? Though I’m thinking others may be interested, but not as likely to dig around on their own. Plus, I haven’t heard about MMORPG. What’s that?

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hm…well, I am only 25 away from 1k lurve but I am staying on once I get 1k lurve sorry folks
I am a Fluther Addict, yes, though sometimes it is a waste of time.

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Sometimes its just best to get those odd little questions out or they’ll bug you all day…also pottering online is a great way to procrastinate from doing any work!

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