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Can I contest charges on my credit card from 4 months ago?

Asked by occ (4080points) September 18th, 2007

I had an awful customer service experience with (never ever go there!). They promise to convert old VHS tapes to DVD. I sent them my tapes, they charged my credit card, and i have now waited 4 months for my DVDs to arrive and they never have! The company lost my tapes, and has the worst customer service ever. They refuse to respond to my emails, and won’t reimburse me. I’m livid and want to contest the charges on my credit card, since I never received the product. Can I do this? Or is there a different way to report online scams…for example, what do people do when they pay an ebay user and then never receive the goods? That has never happened to me from an online purchase before, so I’m not sure…

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yes you can contest, for I believe, a year from the credit card statement date; this may vary by card company. have your statement upon which the charge is listed as well as information about the purchase, date, who you spoke with, email, confirmation number, transaction number etc. you may have to ask for the fraud department which is usually screened by a customer service rep. card company may send/email you a form to complete with details, dates of attempted contact, and have you sign that you are filing a legitimate claim. it may take a couple statement cycles for a credit to show up. good luck.

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You can also post a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online – in fact it looks like this company has received other complaints: This won’t get you your money back, but it may help alert other people.

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Call the state Attorney General’s office. This is another place where you can post an alert about fraud.

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Yes!!You can always go back to your statements and contest something that is not legit.
But be careful,some companies can contest it too and send a bad credit report on you.

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