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Would you like to share a proud parenting moment? I would.

Asked by gimmedat (3938points) January 6th, 2009 from iPhone

My daughter started her high school sophomore debate class today. The teacher gave the assignment for each student to compose an essay about, “Who I Am.” My little girl wrote, “I am the person my parents have raised me to be.” as her fist sentence. How sweet is that? I love her crazy basketball lovin’, boy crazy, track running, A’s earning ass!!! This is a proud mama moment!

Would you like to share a proud parenting moment, or two?

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Aw, that’s sweet. I don’t have any miniatures running around so I don’t matter on this one, but, yay for you! And her!!

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That’s beautiful!

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I was hanging out with my sisters twins yesterday and we made this in Photoshop and with a Wacom tablet.

They loved it. And they picked up on the concept of layers really fast. It was neat to watch.

edit :: They are seven.

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Not a parent.

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My 8 yr old daughter is doing 4th grade math, and got 97% on her last math test!

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You know, we don’t get to brag up our kids enough, it’s viewed as pompous and competitive. I say, my kids are AMAZING! Kids are really just incredible little people who represent everything that is real. Yeah for childhood!

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My grandson, at 11, is becoming more stingy with his hugs and kisses. So each is more and more precious. I am now basking in the tactile memory of his bedtime goodnight kiss. ♥

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@Gimme, I couldn’t agree with you more. Brag away! Celebrating accomplishment, and acknowledging people, make such a huge difference. Makes no sense to be shy about it. Speaking of which, did you tell your daughter how you felt about this?

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When my daughter, age 12, snagged an interview with Edward Pattinson, it blew me away! She still has the bottle of vitamin water she was drinking at the time sitting on the island in our kitchen with a little masking tape label, indicating it was what she was drinking while with him. I believe she plans to keep it forever!

My son, age almost 9, is so affectionate, that he’s even got me hugging and kissing him all the time, and I’m an old, hands-off, no kissing curmudgeon.

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When my daughter was four, we started learning games in the car. She really liked counting out sylables (Clap hands to count them). She liked it SO much she wouldn’t leave me alone about it. We were doing 1 and 2 sylable words.

One day I’m trying to scrub the bathroom and she will not leave me alone. “Bah, give me another word. C’mon.”

Finally I say, “Fine. Supercalifragilisticexpealadocious.” She looks puzzled and walks away. Great – I can clean now.

Two minutes later she walks back in and dryly says, “fourteen” and walks away.

I nearly died. To this day we do learning games every morning the entire 45 minute ride to school.

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@TrustingLife, I grabbed that skinny little girl, wrapped my whole body around hers, and slobbered all over her face!!! Then Max, the ferocious attack dog, did the same! We really don’t stop enough to recognize what’s great.

@daloon, your post was touching. I love little guy hugs, and I have a guy who will hug away!! I love it!

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I have 3 wonderful girls:

My oldest, flyawayxxballoon, is a very wise 14 year old. She’s an all around ‘good kid’ and is smart as a whip…been a straight A student throughout middle school, and is doing the same (so far) in high school.

My middle, mangeons, is an extremely creative and bright 13 year old. She does very well in school (except math, which she loathes). She’s had to struggle a lot in her short life, but is working hard to find her way!

My youngest is 11 (I’m sure she’ll join in another 2 years). She is the nicest, happiest kid you’d ever want to meet. She is very insightful about human behavior and writes great poetry.

I love them all fiercely, and could not be more proud of them!

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I don’t have any kids, but I used to volunteer at my old elementary school helping kids who weren’t very good readers. I had this one little guy two years in a row because he was so great. One day, I came back to the reading teacher’s office from reading with this little boy and she was stunned that I was back so fast because it normally took this kid a lot longer to get through the material. She said that he must be trying to impress me because he did it so well with me. It brought a little tear to my eye. He’s one of those kids who doesn’t hug anybody but he always hugged me when I asked. that was probably my proudest moment as a volunteer.

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My daughter came home from preschool at 2 1/2 years old, and was all excited about learning shapes: “Draw me a circle, Daddy!” “Daddy, draw me a ‘stware’!”...the next day it was “Draw me a hexagon, Daddy!”, and the day after that, “Daddy, can you draw me a…a…par-yellow-gram?” I didn’t learn those til I was in eighth grade.

A year later, she got a habit of choke slamming little boys at preschool. (which made me a little proud!), and I told her if she did it again, I’d have to spank her. She was good for one day, but the next day when I came to get her, I could just tell. Sure enough, the teacher told me she’d done it again, to a little boy who wouldn’t share his toys with another little girl. I didn’t want to, but I had told her that’s what would happen, and you can’t lie, they remember. We got home, and without me even saying a word, she crawled up on my lap, bottom up, and took it like a champ. She tried so hard not to cry, and it made me so proud that she knew what she had done, and she accepted her punishment. 3 swats with my bare hand on her blue jeaned bottom, and she has never had another.

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Both of our sons are on their way to graduating with a 4.0 and are well respected amongst their peers. One of my proudest moments was when my oldest son came to us and said “most of my friends have so many problems, I feel so normal, is that weird?”. So proud I am!

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first let me say how much I am enjoying this thread. I LOVE hearing about other’s children and what they achieve, and the pride of their family. Also, it is so cool to see the non-parental interest in this thread.

I enjoy the fact that my son and daughter just remind me daily how much “being” should be enjoyed. Also, my 6 year old could work my iPod touch and anything on it in about 2 min. so if you all get any weird responses to questions on my login let me know.

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