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What did you think of the Macworld Expo Keynote?

Asked by DeanV (14216points) January 6th, 2009

if you followed it…

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Not much. The message I got was “this is why trade shows are obsolete.”

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I was disappointed I didn’t win free pizza :(

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Yawn. The Macrumors live coverage being hacked was amusing though…

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I thought that Phil did a very good job at presenting the keynote. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anything too huge to make it a great keynote.

I am looking forward to the new iMovie the most.

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i did like that it got hacked, but i find fox news’ twitter getting hacked to say Bill O’Reilly is gay was better….

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I was very pleasantly surprised. When iLife ‘08 and iWork ‘08 were announced, I was excited for iWork and bought iLife because it was recommended and I figured it’d be useful to upgrade. Now I’m really looking forward to iLife ‘09. iPhoto looks simply incredible now, and I may actually use it (too bad my only camera is the original iPhone without GPS though). I use iPhoto ‘08, just not as much as I’d like to. I think I’ll use ‘09 a lot more. The new iMovie looks pretty neat, but I’ve no way to get footage as I don’t have a camera other than my iPhone. Haha. And garageband’s new learn to play, I think I’ll actually take advantage of. At first it looked pretty corny, but learning from artists themselves has a LOT of potential to be huge and I really like that idea. Using the iPhone/iPod touch as a remote for Keynote is pretty cool too.

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Oh, and if the MacBook Pro didn’t start at $2,799, it’d probably be more exciting. Haha. It’s just too expensive for me to even ever consider in any kind of distant future. Not that I wouldn’t be happy with one of those new MacBooks though! (Still got a stained, white one! haha!)

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I’m very much satisfied, but I wanted the 32GB iPhone
(iMac and Mac Mini is coming very soon)

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I thought it was a pretty solid keynote. Significant improvements in a bunch of things that I use everyday. The 17” MBP looks great, although it’s not for me (I use a 15”). The re-emergence of a matte screen option makes me happy, I assume that will be an option with all MBPs. I also think the battery changes are a significant improvement for all laptops. Most of all though, I think the copy-protection (DRM) free iTunes music is a huge announcement – I might even start buying music again.

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