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Is there a way to prevent a laptop DVD drive from winding down?

Asked by teira (236points) September 18th, 2007

on a macbook pro, using a DVD accompanying a language textbook. The standard software likes to wind down the DVD drive on menus, which the entire DVD is comprised of, so unless I’m clicking on an item every second or so, there’s a lot of slowdown where the drive winds down, then back up, spinning beach ball everywhere… very frustrating. Any terminal tricks or whatnot I can abuse to keep it spinning?

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If you have a few gigs free, you might be able to create and mount a disk image of the DVD, if it’s not copyrighted (the theory being that if you run it from your HD it will won’t stall). has a step-by-step, but I’m not sure that will help you.

You could also rip the DVD onto your hard drive and play it using some other player rather than DVD Player. See other, similar questions about that here.

Needless to say, piracy sucks for the people who make it, so don’t do it.

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