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Is there anything that LOL can't mean? Why is it so omnipresent here?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) January 6th, 2009

It seems to appear helter-skelter in so many different situations that I cannot attach a meaningful definition to it.

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Laugh Out Loud, gail. As far as I know, that is the only meaning.

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This is why I've registered Seriously.

lol has totally lost its meaning. It’s been appropriated away from us. Long ago the smileys took over, and now lol has fallen. It’s time to make a stand, and reclaim what little we have.

It’s time to laugh out loud for real, folks. lol4rl.

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@andrew: lol

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Your lol means nothing. It’s now become the equivalent of =).

I’m totally serious. I really bought the domain.

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Gail, I think you may be looking too hard into it. Its just people “laughing” over something.

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But it’s sooo much harder to add 4rl, and I am sooo lazy…

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@andrew: I know. My laughter is useless. At least online. :)

I’m completely pissed I didn’t think of that domain name. Pissed and jealous. :(

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@tinyfaery: Unless you’re on some serious uppers, I’d think you’d only need “lol4rl” sparingly. Blame asmonet for those 3 extra letters. She’s a ruiner.

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Noo!! :(

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Not necessarily; it appears as ubiquitous as inappropriate apostrophes or commas and often is attached to something that is not funny, even when announced.

(I, a Little Old Lady, did know that it stood for “Laughing out loud.”)

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I only type lol when I actually laugh-out-loud; I want a pass.

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@gail: lawls and lols mean the same thing.

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It might be funny to the writer.

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Why are we the only three people saying anything?

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I suppose that “haha” has now become almost as meaningless, also

Andrew; have you bought that domain also?

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i say ‘haha’ way too often. there are generally more ‘ha’s if i actually find something funny. but if i were actually talking when i put those ‘haha’s in, that’s probably where my nervous habit of actually ‘haha’ing would be. actually i think it’s more of a ‘hmmph’ laugh in real life.

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you type long time.

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lol asmonet…and I did laugh-out-loud.

edit:: Or should I say smone?

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I’m pulling a krose. Shhh!

EDIT: Andrew has been typing for like six minutes straight… I think. Whatevs, I can’t wait anymore. I’m passing out. GOODNIGHT FLUTHER.

I’m intoxicated.

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@tinyfaery: Unfortunately, the acronym is far past redemption. After all, aren’t words just a social contract? And aren’t online acronyms, by extension, part of that grand shared lie we call linguistics? And hasn’t the value of lol long since been devalued by the countless tweens mindlessly typing l o l, when, in fact, they are not laughing out loud?

It’s time for change. Stand with me.

@gail: I think “haha” (and his chuckling cousin “hehe”) is little more forgiving, since it’s more onomatopoetic, and doesn’t have the literal meaning of “laughing out loud”.

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Yes! Mark stands with me, and I know he is laughing!

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i refuse!

okay my last comment edit, well, it lies.

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Aaaahhh!!! The rebel in me won’t let me do it.

<Raising my right hand> I swear I will never again use lol, and will instead type ha ha ha/hee hee hee/ or some other similar form to indicate I am indeed laughing out loud. Are we cool?

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Tiny; awesome.

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you realize if you ever do us it someone on this thread is gonna pounce on it and call you out? :D

my pillows miss me. i can’t stay up any more. damn it, fluther! go to bed!!

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@tinyfaery: lol4rl is a rebellion! A rebellion against conformity and meaninglessness!
@gailcalled: I see what you’re doing there.

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@Andrew; And I thought I was being subtle.

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What about lol4life?...or, Mark E Mark’s version: ‘lol4eva’

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@peedub: Laughing forever seems like a terribly awful response to a joke. Can you imagine the pulled muscles you’d endure?

im leaving i swear.

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You’re right, that would blow. I just try to work Mark E Mark into any conversation I can.

That sounded really gay.

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Is that a joke at my expense? Are you lol4rl?

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heehee, i am.

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I use lol to lighten the tone of a sentence, so the reader doesn’t take what I’m saying seriously.

Maybe like a “no offense” or “this sounds disrespectful but it’s not because I put lol.”

“So that’s how your mother got so huge lol”

Can’t use jk because your mother really is huge, but no personal disrespect is aimed at her.

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While reading this thread, I lol-ed several times, but not once did I lol4rl.

You guys aren’t being funny enough tonight.

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I don’t use “LOL” much; I try to reserve it for those rare times when I did, in fact, LOL.

I do use :) or ;) though, to let someone know that I’m not entirely serious or that I mean well.

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I don’t think I’ve ever ROFLed.

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I despise textspeak. But that’s just me, the gnarled reactionary. (who also hates texting)

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I was taught that LOL meant ‘punch me in the face’, especially when texted to me.

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@queenz, that is the perfect explanation, lol4rl

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“LOL” doesn’t work on Fluther. Fluther has some sort of LOL-away. I assume it’s some kind of spray.

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There is always the underused “teehee, hardyharhar, heehee, giggles, snicker-snicker, smirk”. Personally I always smile and giggle a bit when asmonet gets on a roll!;)

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@steveb; Underused? Are you kidding?

Flirting =======> chat room.

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Ah, gail, you just did make me laugh out loud! And yes I was kidding.

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@stevenb: Always leave ‘em laughing , is what I say. (Well, someone did say it before me.)

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Gail, you (maybe above astrochuck even) make me laugh tremendously. You also make me think about things in wonderful ways, and open my eyes on a regular basis with your wisdom and insightful quips. You are a secret joy in my life now. Thanks for all you share with us humble flutherites.

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@andrew – it’s no longer registered… SMH4rl

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