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Gentlemen. Do we find shaving a pleasurable or painful experience?

Asked by cage (3117points) January 7th, 2009 from IM

So I was shaving in the shower today and I was thinking, this feels nice. Though I know there are some guys out there who think shaving is painful. Is this because of the physical pain, or is it because it’s ‘a pain’ to do everyday? Or are you like me, do you find shaving a satisfying ‘chore’?

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Painful. I hate it.

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I have very sensitive skin on my face. If I shave it hurts for most of the day. I don’t ever use after shave cuz that makes it so much worse. I wish by facial hair didn’t grow ;(

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Not painful, just a not-so-satisfying chore.

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1–2 days growth. Easy. Boring.

3 or more days growth. Painful around the chin and upper lip.

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I hated for years and tried various methods and equipment.

I finally figured out what works for me. I shave in the shower, every 3 days, under really hot water. I just use a Gillette Mach 3 Disposable and plain old Barbasol – nothing fancy.

No nicks, no cuts, smooth as a baby’s bottom.

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I have had a shaved head since 1996. I keep it shaved, I like shaving it, and best of all, my wife loves to run her hands on it. I get tired of shaving my face sometimes, but never my head. I grew a beard a year ago, but my new job won’t allow me to have facial hair. Through trial and error, I have found the perfect technique. Edge Gel shaving creme, Gillette Fusion blades, and always done in the shower. Scalps cuts aren’t fun, because nothing bleeds like a scalp wound. Some days I wish the hair would just give up and stop growing back, but I am happier without hair than I am with hair.

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you guys that shave in the shower, are you shaving without looking in a mirror? I have to see what I’m doing.

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Shaving sucks. I don’t like doing it. But I also dislike having facial hair beyond basic stubble.

I tried shaving in the shower once: freaked me out. I need to see what I’m doing.

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It depends, but is never a great pleasure, and I think I’d rather not have to do it. It’s usually only really painful if using a blade and making a mistake. Blades seem like more bother and risk than electric.

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My husband enjoys it if I do it for him. ;)

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It’s a chore I hate, but once I get started, I get into it and like it. I feel exactly the same about vacuuming or mopping the floor. Doing dishes is different, I love that. Or cooking (which of course is the one thing you can’t avoid everyday). But I only shave twice a week, even just once if I can get away with it.

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@computergenius: I shave in the shower with no mirror – just by feel.

It’s like being able to walk around your own house in the dark – you memorize the lay of the land.

They do sell anti-fog mirrors for the shower. Does anyone use those?

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< < Uses anti-fog mirror in the shower for shaving. And while I’ve tried quintuplet blade systems, I find the Gillette Sensor Excel most comfortable and efficient.

@Augustlan, true that!

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Since I have been old enough to grow facial hair, I have never had completely hairless cheeks. I do shave my neck three times a week, and I’ve gotten used to it, but I hated it at first. I still can’t shave the opposite way the hairs grow, and that’s the only way to get a really smooth shave.

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@robmandu anti-fog mirrors ftw! ;)
@daloon, i hate shaving against the grain too :(

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I dont like shaving. Not that its painful, its annoying. Though sometimes i do feel extra “clean” after i shave.

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I recently discovered hair removal cream. Would that work on a guy’s face? It’s pretty painless.

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@shadling21 Unless you have sensitive skin! It burns me :(

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I can shave against the grain, and if done right, with a light touch, you avoid that razor burn. I shave in the shower completely by feel, it’s using a mirror that screws me up. Of course, I am extremely near sighted, and since I can’t wear glasses in the shower, using a mirror would get me too close to it to see what I am doing.

I let my wife shave my head once, but she missed too many places, so I do it myself. Besides, the two of us in the shower together leads to other things, and the shaving gets neglected. :-)

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There are tons of Men’s products that you apply Before you shave your face. And a special shaving cream, and another one for After you’re done.

But assuming a lot of people here are dumb like me, you dont’ do it Just because it is not Macho…

also those Mack10 super turbo CR*P with 8 billion blades actually HURTS your face/skin (try 1–2 this time)

I’ve done this ONLY once (because I am manly), but try massaging your face for a few minutes (use hot water) and Then shave. It’ll feel Soooo good (no pain)

p.s. NO MIRROR? wow!

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Ditto on the no mirror. Fingertips are a better judge of direction, location, pressure, etc. There is nothing good about shaving except getting rid of the bristle.

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I like the soft fuzzy bristle feel of two days growth on my scalp, but on my face it is too scratchy. The scalp fuzz has a smooth suede feel to it. I’m rubbing it right now and loving it

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sure, there’s always room for one more.

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Pain. In the butt. I hate having to take so much time to shave. My wife also hates it when I shave, unless I do it every day. Like kissing a stck of needles is what she says. Sometimes, like now, I grow it out for a couple of months. I still hve to trim though. It is just a daily chore, and boring as hell.

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Pain in the butt for me, too. And even when I shave in the morning, if I have an engagement in the evening, I have to shave AGAIN.

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Pain in the rear and physically painful( although just extremely annoying nicks and small cuts). I use a special shaving cream that’s been slowing the regrowth. Sounds like a scam but it actually works. I still lack skill and mess myself up a bit, but i don’t have to it as often.

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@Resonantscythe If it’s a pain in the rear, maybe you’re doin’ it wrong. :D

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It’s about as “pleasurable” as brushing my teeth. Except with razor blades…

For some reason, it’s noticeably more comfortable shaving if I skip a day. But then I’ve got that whole scraggly-unshaven look going half the time, and that doesn’t work.

I always shave in the shower, and @Computergenius here in Japan yes, we do have mirrors in the bath! Yay us! :D If I’m in a hotel or somewhere without a mirror, I first do the sideburns at the mirror, then get in the shower and do the rest by feel.

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No, I do not mind shaving. Nothing like wetting your face, putting on warm shaving cream, and then shaving. I do not shave in the shower, need a mirrow to shave my face. Always feel great after a good shave.

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Does no-one use the traditional shaving set – brush, bowl, razor and soap? Is that any nicer?

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By the answers I suppose we are talking about shaving the face not other more sensitive bodily areas. I don’t mind shaving my face if I only have a couple days growth. Beyond that it’s painful. It’s beyond painful against the grain no matter how long it is.

Apparently I need to get a mirror in my bath.

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I shave twice a day and have been doing so for years. I can do it quickly and love the way it makes me feel. I also shave my head, but not every day. I can, and often do, shave face and head in the shower, but prefer shaving the head in front of a mirror. About a year ago I discovered Dorco razors at They are not only the very best I have ever used, they are a fraction of the cost of Gillette and the other big name US brands. I have tried every razor they make and have found that the 6-blade disposable works best on my face and the 6-blade regular works best on my head.

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