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What is your deepest secret?

Asked by florarigby (33points) January 7th, 2009

If you can manage to be annonymus on here…tell me your deepest, darkest secret.

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It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you.

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@tiny: That’s what I was thinking. Also that it wasn’t theirs to know.

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I’m not telling! This isn’t

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On another note, my most shallow, lighthearted secret is that I am in love with a boy named Mario.

“It’sa me, Maario!”

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It would still be a secret if you stay annonymous!

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Anonymity is an illusion.

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Anonymous? On Fluther? I will always be squirbel. So um, if I told a secret, everyone would know it was me.

I’m the only squirbel on the internet, google me.

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The reason it remains my deepest secret is because I haven’t told anyone.

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Ok. I get it. bad question. Just stop.

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Would it really be my deepest secret if I told a random stranger on the internet? There are no secrets on the internet, ESPECIALLY not on fluther.

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My point was, do you know WHO I AM? What do I care if you know my fluther identity? You don’t know me, so what do I care if you know my “secrets”?
Get past it, people. Just don’t answer the question.

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Other peope you may know on fluther could see it, and they know who you are. It could leak out all over the internet. Telling a secret on the ‘net is never a good idea, whether you know them or not. Somebody you DO know could always see it.

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i am not inoffensive.

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Hey, Florarigby. If you stick around longer (which I hope you do),
I think you’ll start to understand how people feel about their Fluther identity.
Right now, it’s just your ‘anonymous’ online handle on some Q&A site.
But as you get to know people, it’s kind of who you are in this Fluther world.
Even if people don’t know you in real life, they do know you here.


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Thank you, nimis, for an intellegent, constructive comment. :)

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Indeed: my handle here is based on my name, and has been associated with me online for the past 18 years. Sharing my secrets here is not anonymous for me.

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If you want people to answer your questions, I would stow your attitude when you realize it wasn’t a great question. “Just stop.” “Get past it, people. Just don’t answer the question.” If you’re going to be a jerk, people aren’t going to want to answer you, ever.

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nah, you aint getting that one out of me.

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I’ll bite..
on a similar question
I said I fake 90% of my personality it sometimes gets me into trouble

hmmm deepest darkest….
-kind of a secret: I HATE being touched
-more of a secret: I fake bad hearing(I say my hearing is going) when I miss something someone says because of voices in my head are being too loud
-secret: I am extremely noise/light sensitive
-Dark secret:I follow my laws more than the laws made by governments
-Deepest Darkest:during the worst part of my illness I ignored a stranger asking for help(I didn’t think he were real) and he died because of it.

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@tyrant What illness did you have?

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I still have
I have schizophrenia

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Is being noise sensitive related to your schizophrenia?

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the doctors are not sure

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I killed 3 people and stowed the bodies under my neighbors house and had to move when they began reconstruction on the house so I wouldn’t get caught and I’m still a fugitive… Oh, wait! That was the guy on Cold Case, not me. Sorry, my bad!

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I am responsible for eating pancakes while in the frizzer….(oh fer chrissakes…someone had to say it)

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I am the one responsible for not looking under the pool or in the frizzer, because I was too busy eating pancakes. It doesn’t matter, because shell just run away for 3 years. shh, don’t tell anyone!

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Oh, yeah? Well I killed the frizzer and stowed it under… Oh, wait. No, I still didn’t. Never mind.

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Loser, it couldn’t have been you, because there was this boy who was missing for 3 years around here, and HE did it! That’s why shell run away from the frizzer, it’s dead!

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goes to find a change of pants

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My mother was a hamster, and my father smelled of elderberries.

and I had two pancakes for breakfast. deeeelicious.

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I sometimes leave the toilet seat up after I’m done…

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I killed the last person who asked me this question…and the last person who said pancakes too!

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Panca… (gack!)

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Loser my friend, I didn’t know it was you! So sorry, you will be missed… :)

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I prance, I dance, I live life well!

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I love how this question began with a bit of rejection and argument, evolved into some meaningful conversation, and then devolved into utter nonsense.

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they do that sometimes

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Et tu, brute?!

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