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What should a single 28-year-old with no debt be monetarily invested in?

Asked by picklez (44points) November 17th, 2006
Specific funds, portfolio diversification recommendations and stuff like that are welcome answers. Or just tell me whether or not I should buy more bling.
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Assuming you don't have a big purchase in the next few years (like a house), you should have an index fund.
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According to the Motley Fool (excellent source for financial info), simple index funds (which is basically just an unmanaged group of stock) outperform 80% of mutual funds
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If you decide to go the managed route, there's a nice variety of green funds that perform well and are aggressive...
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You probably want some diversity, too. Like 50% index fund, 20% real estate fund, 20% international fund, 10% bonds...
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Also, heed benjwitz: Ethics are important too.
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Equities. A brought index fund with low fees is a great way to go. Check out Vanguard's S&P 500 funds.
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if you're looking for 15% a year for the next ten years just put all yout money in Pepsi> Thats probably the easiest/ safest way to make a 15% return a year. Stock symbol PEP
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unless pepsi has some sorta scandal.
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ya, unless they have a scandal, then it won't be 15% a year
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Ben is correct.
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Vanguard has very low fees and a useful on-line questionnaire where you can check out things like time-line, risk tolerance, etc. 5 or 6 fund suggestions will show up. Dangerous to put all yr money into one stock (and besides, Pepsi rots yr teeth.)Balance, as Ben said, is the way to go.
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I took an online course w. Motley and got into trouble so I would tread cautiously.
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diversify... I hear people say that word all the time.
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All the above is well and good, but when it comes down to it.. you should just buy a bunch of Google, and stick it out. :)
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Forget Google I remember noting when Berkshire Hathaway was listed at $3000/share and wondering who would be stupid enough to buy that. Closed over $100,000/share (that's correct...five zeros) a few weeks ago.
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when do we get to buy stock in fluther?

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