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What do you think of Ghost Hunters?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) January 7th, 2009 from iPhone

What do you think about similar shows? Is there really evidence behind them or are they just making up things to make the show more interesting? FYI Ghost Hunters is usually on the SciFi channel.

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Just a bunch of silliness….

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I think real Ghost Hunters are very interesting but the ones that are on TV series have to make stuff up to keep the shows interesting. In reality there is a lot of boring stuff that goes on while you are hunting ghosts. Way more boring things than interesting things. Certaintly not enough exciting stuff to fill up an entire series on a regular basis. Maybe a TV special!

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Oh my goodness! My friend watches that show religiously. No joke, she loves it. I don’t know if I believe it or not…

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One of the funniest things I have ever seen. “Did you hear that? What the <bleep> was that?” <scuffle scuffle, wiggle camera>

I’m rollin’

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I went on a ghost hunt at the Moundsville prison. They took us on a tour first, and showed a wall that had a shadowy figure painted on it. They said that HBO was doing a ghost hunter show and was there filming and because there wasn’t anything going on, they created this shadowy figure to make the show more interesting. I don’t know if Ghost Hunters do that sort of thing or not. And no, we didn’t see any ghosts. But I was “scared straight” to see what life would be like in a 6×5 cell. (not that i do anything criminal).

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I think it’s utterly lame. If I did believe in ghosts or ghouls, I probably don’t now.

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I loved Ghostbusters. Egon was my favorite.

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They are blind, they don’t know that anything you get into that involves spiritizm is demonic in nature.

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My Halloween would not be the same without them. Live I’m telling you, live!

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Get. A. Life.

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