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Can you talk like a pirate?

Asked by hossman (3243points) September 19th, 2007

Aye, matey, and my wife sees on the Internet it is her favorite, almost religious, holiday, “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” Please join me in celebrating.

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Arrrgh—I never know until the day of. Thanks for the reminder, matey.

Ahoy, I’m terrible at this.

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Shiver me timbers, this is a lot easier to do in person than typing, arrrggghh.

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Yar I be well versed in th art of speaking pirate. Although I be pref’ern the ti’le o’ “Gentleman o’ fortune.” Savy?

(tis be a long story how i gained me sealegs as a pirate… ye sh’ld jest be knowing that I look th’ part too. Nay but a few summers ago, I was in the employment of a nautical vessel…twas a real ship but twas not made fer pirates…twas made to make landlubbers like ye pretend to be pirates. Aye the folly. Alas, those days are long gone…)

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Me leg be rottin’ out and me eyes be all blurry. Have yer any of th’ magical citrus fruit? Yaaaaaaaaar.

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Arrr, I be in me office this here fine mornin’ with me mateys.

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Yaaarrrrr, andrew, I be think’n ya sound mor’ lik ye be havin’ the French pox than scurvy, me lad. Thar she blows, laddies, the great white whale! Drop th’ longboats and grab yer ‘arpoons. . . Never mind, I was just walking past a mirror.

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Avast, I want to hear gailcalled and mirza cursin’ like the devilish seadogs they are. I mean, aaarrrrhhhh.

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Yarrrrr, it be some white whale-meat that I be cravin’. Luckily, Tuesday is whale-meat day at Shiver-Me-Mateys.

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Sorry. I just get the giggles when I think of Gregory Peck standing on a papier maché whale we called Moby Cucumber.

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Sure you can. Check out iTunes Podcast ‘One Minute How-To’ #179.
And also

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Correction on that web address

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arrghhhhhh happy talk like a pirate day to ye

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