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How can I stop my zipper from bunching?

Asked by nikipedia (27454points) January 7th, 2009

I have this great dress, except the zipper bunches and ruins the lines of the design. (I took a picture if that would help.)

Am I just too fat for the dress? (It is pretty tight; I am willing to accept this possibility.) Or is this an inherent design flaw? Is this something I can fix, or pay someone else to fix? If so, how?

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I’m pretty sure some places sell tape that adheres to your skin and whatever you’re wearing to tape it down. Maybe that would help?

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Got any pics without the dress?

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I’d try taking it to a tailor. They might be able to alter it to lie better. And keep you looking hot ;)

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Unless it’s also puckering in other places, I don’t think it’s about your weight.
I would guess either 1) poor tailoring or 2) tailored for a different body type.

Though the tailoring on a tight dress is going to be much more particular.
Unless there’s some give in the type of fabric used. What kind of fabric is it?

I’d take it to a tailor. Perhaps some darts
in strategic places would ease the puckering?

Actually, now that I’m squinting at the picture…
it looks like it’s made for someone with lots o’ junk in the trunk.
The problem may be that you’re too skinny.

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there are strips that can have sewed in next to the zipper. I don’t know what they are called but that will fix your problem. Just take it to a tailor. Should cost you around $50.

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It’s puckering because in order to fit across your hips, it has to ride up about 4 inches, which is causing the bunching. It looks like it may have been designed for a longer waist, and you are more proportioned for a petite.

It looks like one of two things could fix it—letting the seams out, and allowing the dress to drop down to where it needs to be is one option. The other would be to have the dress bodice recut to shorten the dress from the top up. This could be rather expensive to do.

If you just purchased the dress, I would consider taking it back and getting a bigger size so the fullness of the dress hangs correctly from the shoulder; don’t shop the tag size, but shop the fit. Then, have alterations made to take the dress in as needed.

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Alfreda perfect call.

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