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How do you go about meeting people?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) January 7th, 2009

What are some of the ways that you and/or your friends go and meet people of the opposite sex? Like, My friends love to play the game, Have you met Kevin? (from How I met your mother) How have they gone Good or Bad? (mine normally go bad :P)

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Who’s Kevin? What are you on about?

Meeting people of the opposite sex can be hard, and even though I’ve spent half a lifetime in bars (working though) I do not see it as the best place to hook up with someone. A good tip I once heard was to go out and do stuff that you like, thus bumping into people with similar interests. This way you’ll make new friends and get networked, and eventually meet someone interesting. You don’t have to meet the girl of your dreams that way, but you could meet her brother or second cousin for example.

Yesterday I went to watch a movie alone, and there was this good-looking girl next to me, also alone. I have a gf anyway so of course I didn’t talk to her, and I probably would have been too shy anyway, but were I bold enough (and single obviously), that would be a good place to start. At least we both like movies.

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I meet new people online, skateboarding, skateparks, The End music venue in Nashville, and smoking weed with new heads. Punk rock functions like basement shows, bars, through work.

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It can be really difficult to meet new people, particularly for a parent who works full-time. My social circle consists of people I know from work and the parents of my children’s friends.
I would like to meet more people llike me, but I have yet to find any in either of these venues.

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People are everywhere you go.
Treat everyone equal and you will have no enemies.
Be kind and sincere and people will gravitate to you.

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I don’t really have a set way of meeting people (since I’m not very good at it) but I’ve met people mostly through mutual interests.

My best-friend-for-life met in preschool when we were 3 and just became friends because we had the same first name (haha). I don’t think that would work in other situations though :)

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The kind of people you tend to meet in bars are the kind of people that either drink as a hobby or who are desperate to meet other people.

What are your hobbies? Can you join a club that deals with one of them? Odds are there will be members of the opposite sex also in the club, some of whom may be single and attractive at the same time.

What about joining a group that does something useful, such as Habitat for Humanity? Again there will probably be members of the opposite sex who are also altruistic, single and attractive (not to mention good with tools).

Or go hang out in a book store or music store that caters to your interest group, go to art gallery openings or indie film screenings, find an interesting church to join, volunteer at the animal shelter, or many other things.

In short, go where the type of people you are liable to get along with are and start up a relationship based on something you and they all enjoy.

It can’t hurt, and it will get you out of the house.

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Yeah, I’m trying to avoid the whole bar thing. (I’m 20 :P)
ha. that reminds me of a Its always sunny in Philadelphia episode Darwin! pretty much, one of the guys meets a girl at an abortion clinic so they go to rallies and another one goes to meet females in hopes to hook up.

I know thats not how you ment it but it just triggered a memory.

Thanks for the advice.

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I have a terrible personality. I try not to meet people. I am not a people person, but I have to deal with loneliness somehow but get over it. I think you should all have may friends. Just say something to someone else while you are waiting for a large coffee and a crueller at Dunkin Donuts.

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im single:
*13 years of age
*have a great personality
*have a great place were me and my girlfriend can hang out and
kiss by a pond where i only know it is
*i have great friends
*im christian

my emails:

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ok I’ll give my daughter your email in 12 years’ time when she’s allowed to start dating :P

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@ctimm15 – I’m afraid you are too young for my daughter. However, you also are a bit young in my estimation to be kissing off by a secret pond. What are your parents thinking?

BTW, does your girlfriend know you consider yourself single?

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and lots of people in my town start dating wen there 6

and I’m not exaggerating
and me and my girlfriend ain’t really serious

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Lots of people start smoking too, but that doesn’t mean it’s the smart thing to do. Get my drift?

Maybe you just want to be popular and fit in with your other peers…?

Dating that young (6) is ridiculous, sorry. You can’t possibly know what you’re doing. Hormones haven’t even kicked in yet…it’s probably all done for popularity. And to think that our society encourages young children to partake in it? Gee and I wonder why some kids are so messed up.

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seekingwolf, I’m pretty sure that “dating” has a different meaning for 6-year-olds. My daughter’s best friend is 10 and he’s been telling me all about his girlfriends ever since he was 9. Even his 7-year-old sister had a boyfriend for several months. What I later realised was that these terms were used for the child whose hair you like, but you’d never talk to in the playground, fearing what the other kids may say. Mike’s “girfriend” is someone he keeps messaging but they’ve only met a couple of times, when they went on a ride with their bicycles.

It’s true that the first time I did such a thing I was married to the other cyclist, but at the same time I’m not freaking out just yet (not until my own daughter starts dating next year when she joins the Kindergarten).

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Ohh sorry…see, the 6 year olds I knew really took dating seriously.
First of all, they’d tell EVERYONE about it, went out on dates in restaurants with the parents several tables away, and even started kissing and stuff like that.

I just think it’s so….weird. I don’t know, call me intolerant, but I think it’s gross.

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I also find what you just described weird (not the telling bit, but certainly the kissing bit).

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sorry for starting a fight

i started getting interested in girls when i was five and first sore a girl naked when i was 6 and first touched a girl when i was 8
just so u no

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well I first saw a girl naked when I was 3. She was my baby sister. Of course I did not realise what a “girl” was until I was 5. And didn’t kiss one until I was 14. Which was when I started getting interested in them.

just so you know :P

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I don’t if one can really start to “like” girls/guys at the age of 5–6ish, and then start touching them too. ><

I wasn’t into guys until I was 10 (girls mature more quickly) and I didn’t get my first kiss until I was 16. Anything more than that didn’t happen until after I turned 17…

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You can meet people anywhere as long as you actually go out and look.

The problem isn’t meeting people, it’s getting the nerve up to talk to someone you’d like to meet.

If it’s too hard for you to just walk right up to someone at, say, Barnes and Noble, then have your friends introduce you to other people. Or team up with a friend who isn’t afraid to approach someone else. (ie a wingman – lol)

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